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Your air conditioner needs more than just annual maintenance

Providing annual maintenance for your cooling system and taking a warranty package might be the best that you can do for your air conditioner. A professional technician will take care of the maintenance of the system and will also check the coolant level but this does not mean that your air conditioner will last longer. We may consider providing the best service for our air conditioner but quite often ignore the most simple procedures and precautions that are essential for keeping our air conditioner in good shape. One significant example is the cleaning of the air filters. Air filters catches the dust and other impurities in the air thus filtering the air. Since its job is to filter can get dirty over a period o time.

There are washable air filters as well as disposable air filters. Before cleaning your air filter check the manual to see whether yours is a washable or a disposable one. If you don’t clean the filters regularly then no matter how high you spend on maintenance and other service plans you won’t be able to attain the desired longevity for your air conditioner. HVAC breakdowns can be avoided by such simple steps. Though the manufacture may state certain intervals for cleaning your air filter, ensure to clean them more number of times than the manufacturer’s specification especially if you are living in a polluted area. These simple things can not only make your air conditioner more efficient but also can extend the life of your air conditioner.