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Why you need to make sure that you are installing the right sized HVAC unit

Installing a HVAC system is a costly affair in terms of installation as well as running cost. Paying for these expenses will burn a hole in your pocket. Your HVAC unit accounts to more than half of your energy bill so it is important to do whatever is possible to save on HVAC cost. Huge amount is spent on energy bill for heating and cooling each year so it is important that you optimise the energy consumption to save on the energy bill. A proper sized unit will ensure energy efficiency. Though you may have purchased an energy efficient unit if the size is too big or too small it will not serve the purpose. Now you will be wondering how size affects the energy efficiency of the unit even if a four or five star rated unit is purchased. Sizing matters a lot and the right size equipment will save you a lot of money.

Over sizing and under sizing are the two sizing mistakes that most of the HVAC companies make while installing a HVAC unit. So it is important that you get them measure the area of the cooling or heating space and then calculate the size of the unit before making the purchase. An oversized HVAC unit is not only expensive but will also increase your energy cost. It shuts off quickly hence works at a  shorter interval not giving a chance to dehumidify the air sufficiently while an undersized unit will take longer to attain the set temperature putting the compressor to more work thus increasing the units energy consumption.