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Why people in America are annoyed with the idea of installing smart meter

Home owners in America are not happy with the idea of installing a smart heater in their home. There was an instance were a home owner in Texas got so much annoyed when an installer came to install the smart meter at his house that he pointed a gun at him and asked him to leave without installing the unit. Some had covered the smart heater with a metal hood to prevent radio transmission. These are only few of the instances shown in TV, there are many such opposing instances against the new technology that utility companies are trying to install in households. What the utility company tries to prove is that this digital meter will help in preventing wastage of electricity that arise from overloaded electrical grid.

A smart meter works as a meter reader as well as sends digital information on the amount of electricity consumed to the concerned utility company. The consumers can also monitor their rate of energy consumption and control the use of heating appliances and other energy consuming units at lesser peak hours when the rates are lower. Many people even thing that the utility companies are intruding their homes with the help of the smart meter since the data send will inform the utility company when the households are away from their home and when they are going to sleep. Some also believe that these meters are not safe for their health as they emit radio frequency energy. A few of the households have also reported that their energy readings have increased ever since the meter had been installed.