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Why it is important to clean the filter and coil of a heating system

As the weather is getting colder and colder outside the situation that you never would like to experience is a HVAC breakdown. You spend a lot of money installing a heating system in your home with the hope that it is going to keep you warm all through the winter but unexpected heating system breakdowns can leave you shivering in the cold. Though such unexpected break down recurrence cannot be prevented forever you can adopt a few preventive measures to keep your heating system run efficiently. Changing filters is a primary step to keep your HVAC system running healthy. Filters help to remove dust and allergens in the air and if the filters are not cleaned properly then it is going to reverse its effect and can also result to a number of problems. Health issues are one among them. A dirty filter will also reduce the efficiency of the unit as it will block the air flow and lead to over working of the unit. There are also chances for the unit to break down if the filter are clogged and blocks the air.

Most of the home heating system produces hot air by blowing air through a heated coil which is then pumped into the house. The coil that helps in heating the air can collect dirt and other impurities in the process. If there is too much impurity on the coil then the heating efficiency will be reduced hence it is necessary to clean the coils regularly so as to retain the unit’s efficiency.