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Whether to replace or repair your furnace

A sudden break down of your boiler or furnace is something that you can expect to happen in your home at some point of time. During this situation the most difficult decision to make is whether to repair your boiler or replace it. If it is a small and simple problem then there are no issues you can get it fixed but what happens if it is a serious problem? You get confused on what to do. For that you will have to first analyze whether it is cost effective to repair a broken unit. If the broken unit is not safe to use then you need to replace it, for instance if the heat exchanger has cracks then it will be difficult to repair and will start emitting poisonous gas which will pose a threat for your health. Problems with the electronic components and valves can be fixed and restored to its normal working condition.

There is an estimated life span for heating units which on an average is15 to 20 years so if your system is past the average life span then it is better to consider for a replacement rather than a repair. If you don’t remember how old your unit is then get the serial number and contact the manufacturer who will provide with the correct year of its manufacture. Apart from these factors you also have to assess the cost of repairing against the replacing charges. To buy a new hot air furnace you may have to spend about $1500 to $4000 depending on the size of your house and the model you choose. If the repair cost exceeds 600 dollars and if your unit is very old then it’s not worth repairing so it is better that you go for a replacement option.

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