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Whether to install a central air conditioner or a room air conditioner

Insufficient cooling and large electricity bill is the most common problem faced by people who have installed the wrong type of air conditioning unit. It is vital that you choose an energy efficient unit not only for the reason that it is going to lower your energy bill but also because it is environmental friendly. Energy efficiency means achieving a level of comfort by using the least possible energy for the process. Your air conditioner must be able to make the best use of energy to produce a given level of cooling comfort thus saving you a lot of money. Energy consumption counts in the long run hence you need to consider buying an energy efficient unit. If your cooling requirements are limited to just one or two room then it is better to install a room air conditioner or a split unit as they are more economical than installing a central air conditioner. A central air conditioner is a unit that can cool large spaces if you want the entire house to be cooled then it will be better to install a central air conditioner. Installing a room air conditioner is easy but installing a central air conditioner involves more work and also requires high voltage capacity circuit.

A room air conditioner is rated by its EER value while a central air conditioner is rated by its SEER value. EER is expanded as Energy Efficiency Ratio and SEER is expanded as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The unit used to measure EER is BTU or British Thermal Unit which is measured per hour.