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When to clean the ducts of a HVAC system

Summer is fast approaching and it is time to prepare your air conditioner so that it would work more efficiently and problem free during the hot and unbearable months of summer. Cleaning the ducts is essential to ensure better indoor air quality. To clean the ducts you need to call for professional help. On calling a professional they will take care of cleaning the return and supply ductwork and will also take care of various other components of the unit like the grills, diffuser, drain and drip pans. The clean-up can bring in a considerable amount of changes in the units efficiency and also can improve the quality of air immensely. Overtime the ducts will become dirty with foreign particles and microorganisms thus contaminating the air and making it difficult for the elderly, children and all those people who are allergic to dust and mold. To make your home safe for your loved ones you need to clean the ductwork at least once in two years in residential space and every year in commercial space.

The frequency for cleaning depends on the individuals residing in the place and the pollutants in the air. If there are pets in your house then the ducts have to be cleaned more frequently. If there is visible mold growth around the duct area then it has to be cleaned as soon as possible. The technician will suggest whether a duct cleaning service is required or not. When hiring a professional for duct cleaning services make sure that you hire them through a certified company.