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What will happen if the Energy Department passes rule for installing only energy efficient Furnaces?

In order to save energy and reduce its consumption the US energy department is trying to impose certain restrictions in the type of furnace you choose to install. Though the US energy department is planning for such rules the American Public Gas Association has raised voice against it and their justification is that if such rules are implemented then the low income group will find the high cost of installing efficient heating appliances difficult hence will start switching to electric or kerosene powered heaters. The rule is due for hearing and hence not yet implemented but there are high possibilities for such rules to materialize at some time in the future. The DOE has thought about imposing the rule as they are concerned about saving the household energy consumption by at least 20% in the future. The home owners also can save more than 80-90 dollars a year from their energy bills.


The only thing that households will be concerned about is the higher price tag for such highly efficient units. These units will also require two vents to flush flue gases and to bring inside fresh air. Some people even have spent around a thousand dollars to install new vents for such efficient units. However the cost varies according to the distance to outdoor and the type of exteriors. Even though the initial investments may be on the upscale the savings that you make on the utility bill makes the whole deal attractive. If you have a chimney then the vent will be installed there but you have to bear the expenses to install a liner and a blower.