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What type of duct to install for your Central Air system?

Central air-conditioning is something people love to install but hates to pay when it is concerned about the electricity bill. The scorching heat of the summer instigates us to install the unit regardless of its running cost. Well if you have not yet installed a cooling unit or is planning to replace an existing one then the most important aspect to consider is the ducts that you will require to allow the distribution of air flow evenly through your house. Though there are many options to choose from flux duct and hard duct are the popular choice. Flux duct is a more cost effective option hence is less expensive than hard duct. Hard duct or pipes are metal pipes and are hence more difficult to install. Since flex pipes are more flexible they can be easily installed. The positive feature of flex pipe being more flexible makes it possible to be installed anywhere easily and faster, even in tight spaces.

Hard ducts are more durable than flex pipes as they last longer and won’t break easily. Moreover air leaks are more common with flex pipes hence reducing the efficiency of the unit as compared to hard pipe ducting. Though hard duct is harder and more expensive to install in the long run it pays off as it will last longer and will provide you with more efficiency. In fact hard duct can last for a lifetime without the need for any maintenance or replacement. Likewise hard duct is always smooth in the interiors thus providing an even flow for the air.