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What energy stars imply on a HVAC unit

HVAC incorporates the latest technology for climate control. It is a single unit that can be operated for heating as well as cooling large space. It can also help to dehumidify the air and also filter the air making it healthier and cleaner to live. Contacting a professional HVAC contractor can help you install the right sized HVAC unit that can operate at its optimum efficiency. They will ensure a more energy efficient and comfortable living environment by helping you choose the right unit. Heating and cooling units often consumes a lot of energy hence it is important that you choose the right machine that is energy efficient. The energy efficiency of a HVAC unit can be determined according to the unit’s energy star rating. It is a rating given to electronic units based on their energy efficiency. It is a program that is developed by Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. This rating helps the buyers to identify energy efficient appliances.

The function and features of the appliances may not vary but what varies with the energy star rating is it energy efficiency. Those units that have more energy stars works consuming lesser energy compared to those that have one or two energy star. A bright yellow sticker with stars will be found on all new appliances. By looking at the sticker and counting the stars you will be able to determine the energy consumption rate. You will also find a number which is called the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which can be in between 13 to 17 the higher the number the more energy efficient it is going to be.