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Ways to safeguard your HVAC unit and decrease your heating expense

Saving on your heating expenses is something that you would think of doing but it often would not materialize as you might not know what measures need to be carried out to help you reduce your heating expense. If you have a central heating system installed in your home and if you are not careful on limiting heating wastage then you would end up paying hefty energy bills every month. By increasing the efficiency of your heating system you will be able to control your heating expense. Though you may have insulated all your windows, doors and ventilation at the time of installation you need to check it periodically as gaps may develop later and need to be sealed to prevent heat loss. If you have a central heating system then it is important that you clean the vents occasionally. If the vents are not cleaned or are obstructed then more energy will be used for heating.

Change your air filter regularly. The frequency depends on your usage ask a HVAC professional about details on how and when to clean or replace your air filter. Sometimes it calls for change of the filter within 4 to 6 weeks. Check with your HVAC consultant. You should cover your heating unit when it is not used this will prevent dusts from entering the unit and will also provide shade during the months of summer. Set the thermostat at an optimum level. If you warm your house more than what is required then you will have to bear the extra heating expense. To cut down the cost set your thermostat at a level that can keep you warm enough and not very warm.