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Warning signs to look for in a furnace

Once you install a heating unit you expect it to run for over 15 to 20 years. To ensure its durability you need to provide regular maintenance for your furnace. Apart from the regular maintenance you should also be aware of the warning signs that indicate a furnace repair. Ignoring or not knowing what the sign indicate will eventually lead to costly repair works. First thing to make sure is that you provide proper maintenance. Think of the last time you have called for maintenance and if it is more than a year then you need to schedule for a maintenance service. A lot of small problems might have happened inside your furnace like with the fan, the coil etc. A technician can help you troubleshoot the issues and repair it from scratch. Even if the unit is able to warm your home does not mean that it is working efficiently.

If your furnace is working with an unusual sound or emits odor then it means something is wrong with the unit and needs to be repaired. Call a technician and get it fixed as soon as possible. Under such conditions it is better not to run the furnace until the technician arrives and fixes it. If the unit is not heating up to the set temperature in the thermostat, it means that something is wrong with the thermostat and the technician has to be called for diagnosing and restoring the unit. If the temperature is not stable, the unit will on and off more frequently consuming more energy.