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Two basic classification of heating and cooling system

Heating and cooling unit is a vital aspect hence cannot be ignored at any point of time. When you are setting up a new home these matters will be considered as it is going to be a long term investment you need to make your decisions smartly. The two basic classification of a heating and cooling system are local and central heating and cooling system. A window air conditioner belongs to the local cooling system category and a fireplace or a wall mounted gas heater belongs to the local heating system category. A local unit can heat or cool only a smaller area. So the unit installed basically controls the temperature of a limited space i.e. only the area where the unit is installed. Such units are not energy efficient and are also not safe to use more over they are also not aesthetically designed.

Most of the homes that are built recently are equipped with central HVAC system. Such units circulate heat through ducts that are connected to the unit. You can also install a central HVAC system in older homes. A central heating and cooling system has got a lot of advantages as compared to a local cooling and heating unit. An air to air heat exchanger is included in this system which helps in circulating fresh air inside the building. With this unit you can heat and cool the entire house. Moreover a central unit can efficiently cool or heat the entire house by eliminating hot and cold spots.