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Troubleshooting gas furnace issues

The worst nightmare in winter is when you find out that your furnace is not working properly or has broken down. If your furnace is not heating then it obviously means that the unit need to be repaired. Sometimes the unit may require only a simple fix. So before calling for professional help check the unit and inspect it to find out what the actual issue is. Sometimes reduced heating may be due to a clogged filter so check the filter to see if it is clogged. Replace it with a new one if you find it to be clogged. It is not ideal to run your furnace with a clogged filter as it will lead to damage of the furnace parts. Every month you check your furnace, the frequency for changing the filter depends on the type of environment you are living in. if you have pets then you need to change the filter every three months.  

If you find out that one of the room is not heating then it means that the furnace is not able to supply warm air through the registry. In such cases you will have to call a technician to clean the duct pipes. Sometimes the ducts may get blocked by rodents or other particles like dust etc. The technician you have hired will help you clear the ducts. Another frequent problem that can affect your furnace is when it fails to ignite. In such cases the furnace fan will be working but it won’t be able to generate hot air.