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Tips to survive blackouts and not lose your air cooling

The frequency of power failure for several hours is found increasing recently. Due to lack of maintenance of utilities and the occurrence of extreme weather conditions are increasing the frequency of blackouts in America. One way in which we can escape from sitting in the dark is to install a powerful home generator. Ever since the Hurricane sandy destructions the sales of generators have gone up. But when thinking of the expenses to install a generator and how unsafe they are we may reconsider buying a generator. Moreover generators are not very reliable and people start realizing this only when they start using it. Taking a few measures to increase energy efficiency will help you get some relief from unexpected blackouts and the resulting problems.

If you would insulate your home properly then you will be able to make your home adaptable to survive the problems of blackout. Power failures occur mainly due to unpleasant and extreme climatic conditions i.e. whenever it is too hot or too cold outside. So if there is no proper insulation the heat or cold air circulating within your home generated out of your heating and cooling system will escape within a few minutes making your home environment unbearable. A habitable surrounding during blackouts can be accomplished with tight and proper insulation. On upgrading to a super efficient refrigerator will ensure that cooling can be maintained for longer hours keeping your food fresh even during blackouts. Led lighting with battery backup can help you light your home during power outages. These measures can also help to save energy under normal conditions.