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Tips to avoid uneven heating in a commercial space

A very common HVAC complaint that HVAC technicians often have to deal with is regarding uneven heating of HVAC units in commercial spaces.  Winter is fast approaching and it is time to regard such issues happening in your commercial space as it can help you take the next step towards servicing your HVAC unit in order to ensure that it works properly at its optimum efficiency throughout the winter months. If you have trouble with uneven air distribution then you are left with no other choice but to call a HVAC specialist to fix it.

A number of reasons lead to improper or uneven heating one major reason being an issue with the duct work. To determine a ductwork issue in a commercial space is not your cup of tea as it spans a huge area and it is impossible for you to solve the issue on your own. A broken vent leads to air loss and it is a duct issue that needs to be sorted out by a professional. Another reason for restricted air flow is when ducts accumulate dust and other debris. A professional HVAC technician will identify the problem and resolve it thus making the unit fit to work efficiently by providing evenly distributed air flow.

One other mistake people make that would lead to an issue with a commercial HVAC unit is at the time of installation. A wrong sized HVAC unit leads to uneven or improper cooling. If a unit is undersized then it will lead to uneven cooling. An undersized unit will function for longer hours in order to attain a set level of temperature. Over functioning will also lead to increased energy bill and faster wear and tear of the machine. An oversized unit will switch on and off frequently which will put extra effort on the unit thus making it to function more than what is required. The inconsistent functioning of the unit will also lead to an elevated energy bill and uneven air distribution. So it becomes significant to determine the right size.

Since commercial HVAC units are more intricate than residential units it becomes very difficult to determine the right cause for inadequate heating or cooling, which is why a professional HVAC company that is reputable and capable of solving complex issues needs to be hired.  After all, the unit does not come cheap nor does it operate cheaply hence to save money on all repair and maintenance services have to be carried out only through professionals.

Even if you had chosen the best and the most optimally sized HVAC system for your commercial space sometimes things may go wrong due to improper installation. HVAC system in a commercial space has to be installed with proper planning and expertise or else the unit will not function at its optimum efficiency. Now is the best time for preparing your HVAC unit for winter. Call for a maintenance service and check whether the unit is in mint condition. If a commercial HVAC unit breaks down in the middle of winter then it can even affect your business as employers and customers will find it difficult to work or spend time in a freezing environment thus affecting the sales and productivity of your business.  

Consulting a professional technician will help you attain an evenly heated environment in your commercial space throughout the winter months. Professional services will include a thorough inspection of the unit and rectifying all possible technical errors, thus making your unit work for long hours continuously without breaking down.