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Thermostats are getting smarter!

How many of you care to set your thermostat every time you leave or return home or when you wake up or sleep. The thought of pressing the buttons each time will restrict you from managing your manual thermostat. On the other hand if you have a programmable thermostat then you can pre –program it to function automatically according to your needs. You can schedule the temperature readings and if done properly can save about 150 to 180 dollars every year. You will get a programmable thermostat for merely $50. The $50 can be retrieved within six months and the rest of the amount saved every year out of energy bills will make it a good investment. Your HVAC system can be made more efficient with such a 50$ gadget available easily near your area and even online. Well now if you are even more lazy and don’t bother to program your programmable thermostat then you can go for a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat can be controlled with the help of an internet connection. So even if you are away from your home you will have full control of your thermostat with the help of an internet connection. The smart thermostat is the most advanced type of thermostat, you can even monitor and calculate your energy consumption units for each week or month. The various brands for smart thermostats are the nest learning thermostat, ecobee smart thermostat etc. Technologies are now developing in a fast pace and installing such advanced and highly efficient gadgets can bring huge saving from your energy bills.