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The Inspiration Home in Olympia – Heating Efficiency

When it is about energy saving ideas we often become curious to find out whether there are any homes that have actually incorporated such ideas and can inspire us. ‘The Inspiration Home’ situated in the city of Olympia, Washington is a great inspiration to all those who want to have an energy efficient house. This house has been featured in 2012’s Northwest Energy Star Homes as one of the six super energy efficient homes. The advanced construction practices that are incorporated in this house not only help in increasing the energy efficiency factor but also the quality and comfort of the house.

When the owners of The Inspiration Home discussed their plans with builder Scott Bergford and have mentioned their need for energy efficiency features, he got exited and started to encourage some energy saving methods that they can adopt for their house. According to Bergford it is not just the hard cost of the land and the house that is of concern but the long term living cost like the maintenance, heating repair, energy bills etc. that need to be considered. For a healthier and comfy home he recommends his customers to adopt energy saving methods and products. This house is energy efficient as well as aesthetically appealing. It has got three bedrooms and a total of 2020 square feet. The house uses a ductless heating or cooling system, an HRV, SIPs, solar water heater thus making it an energy efficient house in every sense, a truly inspiration house that we all have to look up to.