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The importance of energy efficient lighting

Various Utilities that spreads across the US are promoting various programs to assist their customers to get educated on the various energy efficient lighting options. Such programs mainly aim to spread awareness for cost saving methods to the general public. Attractive incentives, online discounts and point of sale discounts are part of the program. The national Grid has special offers like $6 discount on CFL bulbs that have energy star. Even LED bulbs are offered at great discounts of up to $25 through this program. It is mainly to encourage customers to opt for such energy saving lighting options at a reasonable rate. Apart from cooling and heating expenses the next most energy consumption is from lighting. To cut down the lighting expenses you need to choose a more energy efficient lighting option.

You can also visit National Grids online catalog for different types of efficient lighting options all at great discounts. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority are also giving out special incentives to companies manufacturing and selling lighting products that have energy star ratings. They in turn help by educating the consumers about such products and motivate them to choose such efficient lighting solutions for their house. Most of the consumers try to lay their hands on the cheapest lighting solution available but are not aware of its long term impact so consumers need to be educated about the benefits of installing efficient lighting and how much they will be saving in the long run. Such programs will in fact help the economy to save a lot of energy.