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The Green Button initiative launched in the US can help you save energy

If you look past a few years back and take time to think over how your energy department has been evolving over the years, you will start to realize the rate of technological advancements that have been achieved until now. Earlier an employee from the electricity department use to come to your house every month to take reading from your analog meter. Now you will find smarter and more accurate electric meters that are much easier to calculate units consumed hence can be easily monitored by the households. People now find it more convenient to interpret the data and the consumption can be controlled accordingly. You can monitor your energy consumption rate from your air conditioning system and other appliances by analyzing the meter readings.

The United States is planning to introduce a new method for saving energy called the Green Button. The Green button helps the consumers to view their energy consumption rate by downloading it in a more secured manner. This is a program that can help you in reducing the rate of energy consumption by about 5 – 15 %. The energy department can also be made more organized and more efficient with such an initiative. Even though this Green Button initiative is designed currently only for electricity it will soon be designed for gas and water consumption. Many popular utility companies have already implemented this initiative since its launch in January 2012. The green button is provided as an icon in the utility provider’s website. The consumers have to log in and then click this green button to download their energy data. The data downloaded are secured and are also very accurate if you have a smart and accurate meter.