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Different types of thermostats

There are basically five types of thermostat that you can install in your home or business to save on energy bills which are as follows, Electro-mechanical Thermostat, Digital Thermostat, Hybrid Thermostat, Occupancy Thermostat and Light Sensing Thermostat. Those homes or commercial establishment having a regular schedule can go for an electromechanical thermostat. This type of thermostat cannot be used to control the temperature of a heat pump. The option available in this type of thermostat is to set the number of hours the unit has to operate and control the temperature. It only performs the basic functions of a thermostat and doesn’t have many options. It is set manually. A digital thermostat is for those who want to set the perfect temperature until they are leaving the house and while coming back. The thermostat has to be set in the right manner or else it will not coincide with the schedule.

A hybrid thermostat has the features of both a digital and an electro-mechanical thermostat. It is much simpler to operate. Occupancy thermostat is the simplest thermostat and works just perfect for us. A single button will activate the preferred temperature level till a set time once the set time is over the temperature will go to its original setting. This type of thermostat is best suited for places which are rarely occupied. The light sensing thermostat is the most expensive and the most complicated thermostat. This type of thermostat works according to the lighting conditions of a space. Thermostat can save energy so installing it can help you reduce energy bill.

Advantages of installing a programmable thermostat

Rising fuel price is a serious concern that we are facing today. What is increasing your energy bills are your cooling and heating requirements. To bear the extreme climate so as to save money on energy is not possible. The most practical and the easiest way to save on your cooling and heating expenses are by installing a programmable thermostat. Once you setup a program in your programmable thermostat then it will take care of how to heat or cool the space efficiently and in the most economical manner without comprising your comfort zone. It can help to control the temperature by conserving energy. You can schedule your thermostat to switch off when you are leaving your home and then function a few minutes before you arrive. With a programmable thermostat even if you have forgotten to switch off the unit when stepping out you need not have to worry as the unit will be automatically shut down if it is programmed to do so. This can help lower your energy bill.

What is important is to properly configure it. It is a simple device that can be easily configured and installed. It can be installed in both homes as well as commercial buildings. There are basically five types of programmable thermostat which are as follows. Electro-mechanical thermostat, Digital thermostat, Hybrid thermostat, occupancy thermostat and light sensing thermostat. It is important to install the thermostat properly to get the maximum out of it and the settings are also important. Analyse your cooling and heating requirements and set the thermostat to give you the optimum cooling and heating solution at a reduced cost.