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How to eliminate molds and mildews

Mold and mildews can lead to many harmful health consequences. Allergic reactions, running nose, dry cough, skin rashes etc happen because of the presence of mold which can spread like fire if not controlled and got ridden of in the beginning. To get rid of it you need to understand how they grow. Mold grows in humid climate it can be found inside as well as outside your house. It grows faster in damp regions. Pay attention to keep your house dry so as to prevent the growth of mold. The bacterial growth if not controlled can spread to larger areas and cause many health problems. It will also release a bad smell thus making your home unpleasant to live. By cooling your home during summer will help you get rid of the mold. There are humidity control air conditioners available in the market. If you are planning to install an air conditioner then ask for a humidity control air conditioner for a more comfortable and mold free environment.

Look areas in the bathroom, under kitchen sink, air conditioning vents etc for molds. Air conditioner can keep your place dry and mold free but molds may grow in the vents hence it is quite essential that you service your air conditioner before summer so as to ensure a mold free indoor environment. For a cleaner and safer environment it is important that you follow a routine cleaning process. The presence of mold is not at favourable to old people and children as they are the worst affected.

Insulating the ducts for higher heating efficiency

If your home is not properly insulated then it will increase your heating cost. Attics and basement are areas where air leaks are commonly found. Sealing and insulating the cooling ducts properly can avoid the leaks and make your heating system more efficient. If you are concerned about reducing your electricity bill then sealing the attic and basement will help you reduce your energy bill. These areas not only drain out warm air but will also let in cool air. A HVAC professional will help you fix the leak by providing proper insulation. Leaks can also happen through the ducts. If the ducts are not properly connected or are damaged the air passing through the duct will leak hence will take longer for the room to heat. Under such circumstance even if you set the thermostat at a very high temperature it will take longer for the room to heat up which would increase your utility bill.

The duct works that are sealed behind the walls or floor will be hard to repair while it is easy to repair those ducts that are exposed. Some of the leaks that are accessible to you can be easily repaired by yourself. Where ever you detect a leak in the ducts seal it using a sealant which is easily available in the market. All you have to do is apply it on the area where there is a leak and let it dry for a few hours. If the joints of the ducts are sealed properly, the air will not leak. For better insulation the duct has to be covered with an insulating jacket. Fiberglass insulation is what can seal the ducts tightly.

How to reduce your cooling cost

During summer months your electricity bill will increase if you are using an air conditioner. The soaring electricity bill will consume a considerable amount of your hard earned money. So finding out ways to reduce your energy bill is necessary to get relief from paying high energy bills. To save you need to plan right from the beginning. If you have a unit that is more than 15 years old then replace it with a new energy efficient cooling system. Once you have made the decision of purchasing a new air conditioner it is important that you purchase the right sized air conditioner. Getting the right sized air conditioner ensures lower electricity bill. If you have money to make the initial investment for attaining a solar powered air conditioner then it will not only cut down your electricity bill to half the current rate but also will help you contribute to a greener world.

Another significant way to keep your air conditioner work more efficiently is with regular maintenance. If the parts of the air condition does not have any problem and is functioning well then the unit will be able to cool the air more efficiently. A few changes in your home can also help you reduce cooling cost like hanging thick curtains to cover your window, insulating the widows and ventilation properly, reducing the number of furniture etc. If you have other electrical appliances working in the room then turn it off while your air conditioner is working because electrical appliances generate heat which would make the room warmer.

Home energy audit for improving efficiency


When it is hot outside your requirement will be for cooling your house and when it is cold outside the requirement is just the opposite as you will want to heat your home. Regardless the requirements of heating and cooling have you ever thought about the efficiency of the unit that is put to work for the purpose? Since conditioned air passes or moves through the walls, ceiling and floor, chances are high that it can leak through the cracks or gaps in these areas, other areas where the air escape is likely to happen is through the windows and doors. There are other areas through which a considerable amount of air leaks can happen; these areas are often overlooked by us. The areas include around plumbing vents, wall electrical outlets etc. Do you know that air can leak even through small gaps around the switches? If you can prevent such air leaks then you will be able to save considerable amount of energy.


Consider insulating your home so as to make it air leak proof. If you have attics then do not forget to insulate it. Air infiltration can lead to more energy consumption hence for reducing consumption you will have to seal your home properly. Conducting an energy audit can help you in improving energy efficiency. By checking your home for air leaks and finding out ways to seal them will help you in improving the energy efficiency of your house. More over proper maintenance of the appliance is also equally important to keep it running in a highly efficient manner.

Home automation and energy savings basics


Home automation system is gaining popularity and is now mainly preferred because of its energy saving features. By integrating such an amazing technology in to your house you are not only adding up to the convenience and comfort of your home but is going green at the same time. Such a system incorporated to your existing building will help you in reducing the carbon footprint which is something that is of great significance to the nature and the whole world. Saving the environment is every ones responsibility so we will have to work together to incorporate all that can be done to reduce carbon footprint. So try to convert your home to a smarter and sustainable one by opting for home automation system. While selecting energy appliances like an air conditioning system always remember to install those that have higher energy star ratings.


You can also now install smart lighting controls that can help you in saving energy by switching off lights that you have forget to turn off. Another latest and a very convenient gadget that can help you in reducing your energy bill is a programmable climate control system. There are now automatic faucets that can control the usage of water and reduce water wastages. If you are staying back from automation thinking about the huge amount you will have to spend for installing it in your house then don’t worry because there are many cheaper options now available in the market and when considering the amount you will save from automating your house can help you recover the expenses soon.

Do you have a smart home?


Have you ever wondered how a smart home would turn your life into? Everything around you, your phone, your computer, your washing machine has become smart hence all that you want is a smart home. Imagine an automated home that is doing things on its own? Sounds too good to be true, perhaps you can literally own a smart home by shelling out some extra money. Home automation system can help you attain a smart home. With this system you can turn on the lights and appliances and manage your home’s security system even when you are away from your house. By installing a home automation system in your house you can control every thing inside the house from the lights to the boiler and the air conditioner through the internet. You might have read in fictions about houses that automatically cool the room when it is hot outside and that can play music in all rooms with just one click. How about your house having the feature of lowering the thermostat to reduce energy consumption without compromising the comfort?


Forgetfulness is what most of us are prone to. If you have a house that can turn off the appliance you have forgot to turn off before leaving your house then it will be of immense help for you. And if you are lazy to turn off the lights and turn on your security system before going to bed then a smart home will be a boon. You can enjoy the luxury by installing home automation system and be proud to own a smart home.

Check your furnace before calling a technician

Being a homeowner is not an easy job as there are many things that you will have to take care of like repairing an appliance if not working properly, taking care of leaks, installing and purchasing products etc. Most of the time heating and cooling repair requires immediate attention and these repairs occur at times when you are in dire need of it. A furnace repair is something that will cost you a fortune. To keep the repair costs at bay you need to follow a few preventive measures. The first method to protect your heating unit is to change the filters as instructed in the manufacturing manual. Some models require a replacement every month and in some the filters need to be replaced only once or twice in a year. The need for changing your filters frequently depends on factors like the size of your home or whether you have a pet or not. Wipe the vents clean frequently especially if you have a gas furnace.

Check whether the pilot light is working properly if it is not then try to light it again if still not working then call for professional help. Follow the instructions to relight the pilot light. If the light goes off quite often then it is better not to turn it on again until it is repaired by a professional. It is not necessary that when a furnace is not working properly it means that it need to be repaired and needs professional attention. Call a technician only after checking the breaker and the thermostat. These little problems can be solved by you easily.

Why people in America are annoyed with the idea of installing smart meter

Home owners in America are not happy with the idea of installing a smart heater in their home. There was an instance were a home owner in Texas got so much annoyed when an installer came to install the smart meter at his house that he pointed a gun at him and asked him to leave without installing the unit. Some had covered the smart heater with a metal hood to prevent radio transmission. These are only few of the instances shown in TV, there are many such opposing instances against the new technology that utility companies are trying to install in households. What the utility company tries to prove is that this digital meter will help in preventing wastage of electricity that arise from overloaded electrical grid.

A smart meter works as a meter reader as well as sends digital information on the amount of electricity consumed to the concerned utility company. The consumers can also monitor their rate of energy consumption and control the use of heating appliances and other energy consuming units at lesser peak hours when the rates are lower. Many people even thing that the utility companies are intruding their homes with the help of the smart meter since the data send will inform the utility company when the households are away from their home and when they are going to sleep. Some also believe that these meters are not safe for their health as they emit radio frequency energy. A few of the households have also reported that their energy readings have increased ever since the meter had been installed.

Install a programmable thermostat to reduce your energy bill

It is a well known fact that the cost of heating and cooling is what adds up to a fat energy bill. These are some unavoidable expenses so you have to pay for it every month even if you don’t like it. It is estimated that about $1000 is what we spend every year for cooling and heating your house. Switching to programmable thermostat can help you use your unit more smartly and more efficiently by doing so you can save up to $180 every year. A programmable thermostat is easy to install and can be done by yourself. It also has various preset settings suitable for different time of the day. The new ones that are available in the market are more sophisticated and have better controls. They can also be controlled by communicating through the internet.

Now there are models that have a touch screen and can be used to set temperature for each day of the week. It also alerts you for services. It is now similar to a smart phone very intelligent and sophisticated. A programmable thermostat can cost you from $300 to $400. You can recover this amount within a year from energy savings. With such an intelligent thermostat even if you forget to turn it off you can switch it off with the help of an internet connection. Or you can even switch it on few minutes before you reach your home to attain the desired temperature and make your home comfortable as soon as you enter.

For more details refer to this link:  http://www.houselogic.com/home-advice/heating-cooling/no-sweat-programmable-thermostats-save-energy-costs/

Do you have a problem with your ductwork?

Have you ever thought why your house is not comfortably and evenly heated or cooled even if your have installed the best HVAC system in your house and that it is working properly? The problem is with the duct work. This happens if your duct works have too many twists and turns that may restrict the flow of air. Such blocks make certain points to develop hot or cold spots making space heating very uncomfortable. If your house is old then the problem worsens as such homes are not designed to adapt modern heating and cooling units.

You can eliminates such problems by installing a booster fan which can help push the air through the duct that will be pushed outside thus blowing in more hot or cold air sufficient to space heat or cool the whole area more evenly. There are different types of booster fans such as Register booster fans and inline duct fan. If you want to go for a cheaper fan option then you can choose register booster fans. It is a plug and play unit and is installed in place of the floor or wall register. This fan works as soon as you on your unit for cooling or heating. You need to shell out money some where around 30 to 80 dollars to install a register booster fan. Inline duct fans costlier than register booster fans but are quieter. Some other factors like dirty air filters, obstruction of air from external particles can restrict the performance of your HVAC unit.