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Choosing the right heating system for your home

With proper maintenance and care a central heating system will last longer and can be run efficiently. An average lifetime of your heating system is usually 10 to 15 years. No matter how well you look after your central heating system like all other equipments it may breakdown and will have to be replaced at some point of time. It is often hard to make a decision on whether to replace your old heating system or simply repair it. Again making the right choice of heating unit is even tougher as there are plenty of models available in the market and it will be really tough if you don’t have the knowledge of what will be best for you and your requirements. Consult your HVAC contractor to make the right choice. Some people prefer ductless heating system over duct system. A ductless Heater is not a bad idea. This unit come with individual heat pumps and components for blowing hot air which are usually mounted on to the walls of the rooms that you want to heat. Such units are installed without any duct works and they are suitable for residences that don’t require heating the entire space at the same time.

Always opt for a unit that has a higher SEER rating. Though such heaters may cost more than the normal ones they are beneficial in the long run. Such heaters work consuming lesser energy hence you will be able to save a lot of money from the energy bill.

Tips to save on your heating expenses

As the weather is getting colder each day what bothers us the most is the increasing energy bill. The decrease in the temperature outside will put a lot of strain on your heating unit thus making it work longer which in turn increases the energy bill. A few energy saving tips can help you reduce your energy bill to a certain extend. By reducing your heating cost you will be able to save quite an amount out of your energy bills. Keeping your thermostat at the lowest comfortable temperature will help you lower your monthly energy bill. Increasing the degree will increase the utility bill so be careful and think twice when increasing the degree in your thermostat. Adjust you thermostat until the temperature is comfortably warm and not too warm. In order to reduce your heating cost you will also have to maintain your heating system regularly. A clogged filter is one of the main reasons for decreased efficiency. If such minute things are ignored you would have to bear the price in the future as it will lead to major functional damages.

Before starting to use the unit during the winter check the filters and clean it if clogged. It is also necessary to clean the registers. Hiring experts for cleaning and maintenance once in a while can help you check the unit and repair it at an early stage. If you check for yourself you will find out that how dirty it is inside. A through cleaning is hence necessary for at least once in a year.

Heating repair tips

Often heating repair will be attempted by those who believe in DIY works. What you need to keep in mind if you fall under the DIY enthusiast category is that try to repair only minor problems like cleaning the air filters or fixing the fuse. The task of repairing a central heating system has to be entrusted in the hands of a professional. To keep your system working flawlessly you need to arrange for annual maintenance. An annual maintenance by professional will involve thorough inspection and repair if required. Since they are experts in the field they will be able to identify any of the prevailing issues by inspecting the unit and will also suggest solution to restore the unit to its maximum efficiency. Repairing issues at an early stage will cut down the repair cost and will also ensure a smooth and efficient functioning of the unit.

When the technician arrives at your home to check the heating system, ask them to check the valve and pressure gauge. The entire safety precaution features in your heating system should be intact only then you will be safe. They can make sure whether it is working properly or not by testing the feature. Leaks are a major issue that goes unnoticed most of the time. Leaks and corrosion has to be checked and repaired to keep your system working efficiently. Apart from annual checking you also have to check your system on your own for any issues. Changes in the noise or reduced heating are aspects that call for a heating repair.

Switching from oil fueled furnace to gas fueled one

Most of the homeowners have now shifted to a natural gas furnace from an oil fueled furnace. If you have not yet switched to a gas furnace then read on to know more about it. If you are living in an area where it is cold then you need to find out ways to keep you warm. There are plenty of ways and the most convenient and popular method adopted by home owners is heating with the help of a heating appliance. What holds you back from using a heating unit is its operating cost and to reduce the cost you would rather sacrifice your comfort than pay hefty energy bill out of your pocket. Oil fueled furnaces can shoot up your heating expenses so switching to gas fueled heating unit would be a cheaper option. It is true that you will have to meet the up front cost of converting from oil to gas but it will soon pay off in the future by saving you a lot of money on fuel cost.

If your furnace is very old i.e. more than 15 years then there should be no doubt about replacing it with a gas fueled furnace as it can cut your fuel cost to half of what you are paying now. Installing a digital thermostat can control the temperature and save you a few bucks. Gas is a more environmental safer fuel option than oil fueled furnaces so by choosing energy efficient unit you will be able to reduce a considerable amount of your energy cost for heating.

Know more about your heating system

 Furnaces and heaters are often used for heating a living space. Most heating system work using gas or oil as fuel though there are electric powered heating unit the gas and oil ones are more popular. Heating of a room takes place on the principle – hot air moves from warm place to a cooler place. So the furnace blows hot air so as to eventually heat the room. As soon as you on your furnace it starts consuming energy so as to produce hot air. The hot air is channeled through ducts and pipes which is then passed through the room through registers and radiators. Earlier furnaces heated water to produce hot air. The hot water is then passed through pipes that pass through the floors, walls and ceilings. Such units are not preferred these days. 

The modern heating systems are not only energy efficient but are also good for the environment as they help in reducing pollution. The most safest and environmental friendly heating option is the solar heating system. The installation cost of a solar unit is higher as compared to an electric unit. A heat pump is different from an ordinary heating unit and is more beneficial in areas where the climatic conditions are moderate. The device can be used to pump in heat for heating your room as well as pump out heat to cool your room. To keep your heat pumps functioning well you need to get it maintained annually by a professional moreover the air filters have to be replaced whenever it gets dirty.

How to look after your Heating system

When winter is round the corner the need for your heating system becomes indispensable. If you have never before scheduled a yearly heating inspection then call up a HVAC company and fix an appointment a month before the winter. Apart from calling for professional service you can also follow some simple steps to keep your unit running efficiently the entire winter season. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat then get it installed as soon as possible as it can help you run your heating unit more efficiently without compromising the comfort level. With the help of a thermostat you can set a temperature level. Since the temperature is adjusted automatically the efficiency of the unit increases without compromising the comfort level. Moreover a programmable thermostat also indicates when to change the filters.

Changing or cleaning your filters frequently will also help increase the unit’s efficiency. Do it at least once in a month. Don’t choose a fiberglass filter, it is indeed cheap but if you are allergic then it is recommended to purchase a better quality model. You need to also clean the fan blades of your furnace frequently to keep it free from dusts. The best way to clean it is with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Be careful not to bend the blades. Don’t forget to switch off the power supply to avoid shocks. The vents need to be cleared of debris and dusts for your unit to function efficiently. Refer to http://ezinearticles.com/?Basic-Heating-System-Maintenance&id=6603914 for more tips on how to maintain your heating unit to retain its efficiency.

How to keep your home warm through out winter

If you want to keep your home warm when it is cold outside then read on to know various efficient ways to break the cold. To start with check the following aspects, whether the registers are closed and if it is closed then open it to let hot air flow freely. If the coil of your furnace is dirty or clogged then get them cleaned by a technician. A clogged coil will prevent the unit from sufficiently heating the room. If the room has too much furniture and drapes then it will block the heat thus won’t sufficiently heat the room. It is through the ducts that the heat is transferred to the rooms. The slightest block in the ducts will obstruct heat flow hence make you feel cold. Check the dampers, if closed will prevent heat flow.

If the thermostat is located in a warm place then it will prevent efficient heat flow thus failing to keep the room warm. If the windows have gaps and are not properly sealed then cold air will seep inside and warm air will leak outside thus making the rooms cold. Make sure your windows are tight to ensure that the heat stays inside to keep the room warm for long hours. Insulating your attic and walls properly will ensure that there is no heat loss. Prevent all heat loss that are resulting from leaks which can be achieved with proper insulation and by doing so you can beat the chilling cold weather and make your house cozy even at the coldest days of winter. Check http://k9keystrokes.hubpages.com/hub/10-Simple-Ways-to-Warm-up-a-Cold-Room to find 10 interesting ways to keep your house warm.

Whether to replace or repair your furnace

A sudden break down of your boiler or furnace is something that you can expect to happen in your home at some point of time. During this situation the most difficult decision to make is whether to repair your boiler or replace it. If it is a small and simple problem then there are no issues you can get it fixed but what happens if it is a serious problem? You get confused on what to do. For that you will have to first analyze whether it is cost effective to repair a broken unit. If the broken unit is not safe to use then you need to replace it, for instance if the heat exchanger has cracks then it will be difficult to repair and will start emitting poisonous gas which will pose a threat for your health. Problems with the electronic components and valves can be fixed and restored to its normal working condition.

There is an estimated life span for heating units which on an average is15 to 20 years so if your system is past the average life span then it is better to consider for a replacement rather than a repair. If you don’t remember how old your unit is then get the serial number and contact the manufacturer who will provide with the correct year of its manufacture. Apart from these factors you also have to assess the cost of repairing against the replacing charges. To buy a new hot air furnace you may have to spend about $1500 to $4000 depending on the size of your house and the model you choose. If the repair cost exceeds 600 dollars and if your unit is very old then it’s not worth repairing so it is better that you go for a replacement option.

For more information visit: http://www.houselogic.com/home-advice/heating-cooling/heating-equipment-repair-or-replace/#ixzz2PJYKZtSs

Supporting building efficiency for a safer environment

Building efficiency plays a crucial role in the economic growth of the nation. It also helps in reducing various harmful affects on the environment. It is estimated that a lot of greenhouse gases are emitted from buildings. The climate changes are mainly due to the impact of carbon emission from the buildings. The harmful gases are emitted mainly out of lack of timely boiler or furnace repair or replacement and regular maintenance of your cooling units and other appliances. This can be reduced by adopting new and efficient building efficiency ideas and concepts. Building efficiency should be given more priority and have to be adopted in all upcoming building projects so as to reduce carbon footprint and save the environment.

The US government has already started with their plan to increase the building efficiency of federal buildings which also include the White House. Various educational institutes are trying to motivate their students to follow energy efficiency standards by providing the essential education on the topic. Increasing the productivity of energy is another method in which you can reduce the carbon imprint. It is estimated that the new proposed plan Energy 2030 will help in reducing the emission of carbon dioxide to about 1/3rd times. If the private, the federal and the locals, support the energy savings concept then the nation will be able to save around one trillion dollars a year making it a stronger and a globally challenging economy. More innovative and technically advanced products will help us to achieve our goal at the earliest.

Progress in the improvement of home energy efficiency

The US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency have been working together over the past ten years for the improvement of energy efficiency in homes through out the country. They have also come up with Home Performance with Energy Star program which is a voluntary program designed for the purpose. When you would take some time to look at the energy consumption rate in the past you will realize how much improvement in household energy efficiency have been achieved over the years. Various programs where introduced with an aim to achieve higher energy efficiency in households. In 1995 the president introduced the concept of home performance. An organization was formed solely for this purpose and its main aim was to provide education on energy saving methods, heating repair and housing performance issues.

The program Home performance with energy star was introduced in the year 2002. The EPA is the founder of this program and they have set this program for a good cause. Various other programs like the Low –income Weatherization assistance program where also introduced to achieve the goal of energy efficiency and improve home energy productivity. Before making these programs available through out the nation they were introduced on a trail basis in two major states of the US, New York and Wisconsin. In these states a centralized fund for energy efficiency was created. Soon the states were able to achieve great improvement in home energy performances. Over the past few years the governing body of the US has brought a lot of improvements in energy efficiency and is still continuing to achieve more such efficiency.