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Maintenance for your HVAC system before the onset of winter

It is crucial to heat home during winter and in order to ensure that the home is properly heated it is important to tune up the heating system to make it winter ready. If the heating system fails to do what it is assigned for then you will have to bear the discomfort until the unit is fixed by a HVAC specialist. A unit that is inefficient will often breakdown and a well tuned one will work well. A furnace tune up before winter is necessary to improve the efficiency of the unit. Annual maintenance of the furnace is crucial for its well being and scheduling maintenance one month before the onset of winter will ensure a comfortable heating solution throughout the winter months. Switch on the furnace and check whether it is heating properly. If the interiors are not warming to the set temperature then call HVAC specialist to get it fixed. A furnace that is not functioning properly will also affect the level of humidity. Humidity issues will pose threat to you and your loved ones health.

If you tune up your furnace it will be more energy efficient so that you can use your heating system at a lower running cost during the winter months. Heating amounts to almost half of your bill so making it energy efficient you will be able to save a lot of money. The saved amount of money will cover up the maintenance charges. Proper maintenance also ensures more durability of the unit.

Repairing your heating appliance through professionals

When your HVAC system does not work properly repairing it yourself is not a wise thing to do as it may lead to damages to your property, appliance and even put your health in danger. Entrusting the task to a professional can not only help you get the repair work done safely but also help to restore the appliance’s optimum efficiency. If we find something damaged in our house most people have the tendency of repairing it on their own. They try to remove the various parts of the unit to examine what is wrong inside which may even risk your life. Calling a HVAC professional is the best thing to do in order to avoid these pitfalls. They will not only help you repair the unit but will also help in restoring the optimum efficiency of the unit.

 The reason why you shouldn’t attempt the repair works is because you don’t have the necessary skill or expertise or the essential tools to tackle the repair works. What you can do is check for signs that indicate a problem with your heating unit. Issues like the system does not turn on, the unit is not heating sufficiently, the blower is working continuously etc are things that have to be inspected and repaired by a professional. Though you can identify the signs indicating a furnace repair it is often difficult and risky to repair it on your own. Your heating appliances have many complicated parts that if not opened properly will damage the unit permanently.


Significance of cleaning air filter of your HVAC system before winter

A HVAC air filter is the most important component of the HVAC unit. It plays a significant role in the process of heating and cooling. For a comfortable and healthy environment it is a crucial element. It is one component of the unit that can be cleaned or replaced without professional help. The installation and maintenance process of the air filter is very easy once you refer the manual. It has to be changed or cleaned every six months and for that you need to know the name and model number of the unit. If the environment you are living is dusty or if you have pets then you need to clean the filter every two months. A unit with a dirty filter will run consuming more energy. Filter can be bought online and that too at a cheaper price.

If your house is in a big city then the environment will be polluted even more than you can imagine and since you spend most of the time in your house it is necessary that you take all measures to make your home environment safe for you and your family. If the HVAC system in your house is not maintained properly then the air circulating inside your house is going to be more polluted than the air outside your house. For polluted environment a more frequent maintenance check is necessary. Get the maintenance done before winter to ensure a pure and healthy indoor environment. Cleaning the air filter can improve the air quality and pull out all impurities that are circulating inside the house.

Preparing your HVAC system for winter

As soon as your HVAC system is installed it will work with high efficiency hence will not need any servicing or preparation in the first year but as years advances the efficiency start to diminish and you will soon notice higher energy bills from heating. Since winter is fast approaching your heating unit needs some tuning up and for that you need to schedule for a HVAC maintenance service as soon as possible. After one or two years your system’s efficiency will decrease and to avoid it routine maintenance is crucial. The best time to service your heating system is now because winter is fast approaching and if you carry out your servicing procedure now then it will be made fit and healthy during winter. Moreover providing maintenance for your heating system now will prevent unexpected breakdowns when it is put to use during winter.

When the HVAC specialist visits your house for conducting the scheduled services you need to check for yourself if anything is wrong with the unit prior to their arrival because you are the one who knows your system better than anyone else hence any irregularities can be detected easily by paying attention while the unit is functioning. Check the thermostat because a thermostat ensures that your home is heated properly at a set temperature. If there is a problem with the thermostat then your air conditioner will consume more energy. If your unit works noisily than usual then it means something is wrong which you can point out when the professionals arrive.

What energy stars imply on a HVAC unit

HVAC incorporates the latest technology for climate control. It is a single unit that can be operated for heating as well as cooling large space. It can also help to dehumidify the air and also filter the air making it healthier and cleaner to live. Contacting a professional HVAC contractor can help you install the right sized HVAC unit that can operate at its optimum efficiency. They will ensure a more energy efficient and comfortable living environment by helping you choose the right unit. Heating and cooling units often consumes a lot of energy hence it is important that you choose the right machine that is energy efficient. The energy efficiency of a HVAC unit can be determined according to the unit’s energy star rating. It is a rating given to electronic units based on their energy efficiency. It is a program that is developed by Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. This rating helps the buyers to identify energy efficient appliances.

The function and features of the appliances may not vary but what varies with the energy star rating is it energy efficiency. Those units that have more energy stars works consuming lesser energy compared to those that have one or two energy star. A bright yellow sticker with stars will be found on all new appliances. By looking at the sticker and counting the stars you will be able to determine the energy consumption rate. You will also find a number which is called the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which can be in between 13 to 17 the higher the number the more energy efficient it is going to be.

Installing and Maintaining your heating system

To have knowledge on the different types of heating system will be of help while you are thinking of purchasing or replacing your old heating unit. Boilers, heat pumps and radiators are three different types of heating options available in the market. The choice depends on various factors. A popular choice in heating unit is a gas fuelled central furnace. Dual heat pumps are also very convenient as they can be operated using gas as well as electricity. Natural gas furnaces have got many advantages. Since natural gas is easily available it is a convenient choice moreover natural gas is cheaper than other energy sources. Whether to choose a furnace or a heat pump depends on the structure of the building and the economic strength of the owner. Most of the commercial enterprises are installing natural gas powered furnace. To maintain any of the centralized heating unit it is necessary that you hire a good HVAC contractor.

Heating units need to be maintained properly only then will it work efficiently. If you notice that your energy bills are going up than usual then call a HVAC contractor and check whether the unit has any problem. Sometime the filter gets clogged and will make the unit to work inefficiently. A unit with clogged filter will take longer to heat the room to the desired temperature. Servicing the unit on a regularly basis is necessary. To attain an energy efficient heating solution you need to start planning right from the beginning, i.e. at the time of purchase of the heating system.

Taking care of your heating and cooling system

It is never cheap to heat or cool your home but you can do things to reduce your heating and cooling bills. Apart from saving money you are also saving the environment. Just like cars and other polluting elements a heating and cooling system also leaves its carbon imprints harming the environment hence it is essential that we do something to reduce the impact to live in a healthy and green environment. Installing a programmable thermostat can help you reduce your energy bill. Though the upfront cost may sound to be a little high installing it will help you save in the long run. Once you install it you will be able to program the thermostat in such a manner that the heating and cooling unit will function at an energy saving temperature. Energy star is another criterion where you can save on your energy bill. If your heating and cooling requirements are large then it is recommended to install and higher star rated unit because such units will work more efficiently.

With the help of your thermostat you can also set it in such a way that it will work only when you are in the house. Making a few simple changes in your home will also help you to cut your energy bill. Insulate all the windows and doors, it will prevent hot or cooled air to escape thus ensuring efficient heating and cooling. Other areas where you often overlook to insulate are basement and attic; ensure that these areas are properly insulated so that you can save on energy cost.

Regular HVAC maintenance can help lower your energy bill

How many of us provide proper maintenance to our HVAC system? The fact is that very few people do it. If you take care of your HVAC system with proper maintenance then you would be able to reduce your energy bill to a certain extend. If you want to avoid costly repair works then it is crucial that you schedule for a regular maintenance. Changing air filters, checking the fan of the unit, oiling the blower motor etc. are a few things that you need to do on a regular basis so as to ensure that your system is working properly. Changing air filters regularly is a must and need to be done at least every three months. Some filters are washable hence can be washed and refitted. While some are disposable ones they need to be replaced with a new one. A regular maintenance through a reputable HVAC contractor will ensure longer life for your system.

 Checking the fan of your HVAC unit is essential because it tends to get loose over time. If the fan becomes loose then the unit is not function efficiently. Whenever you call a contractor make sure that he checks the fan and tightens it if it is found to be loose. Also clean the blades of the fan. It is essential to remove all the dirt and other buildups on the fan for it to rotate freely. If dust and other debris are allowed to stay on the fan then it will put extra strain on the unit’s motor thus reducing its efficiency.

Choosing an HVAC contractor

Hiring a professional HVAC company is ideal because they will take care of your unit by checking each and every parts and ensuring that it is working efficiently. They will know by just functioning the unit whether any problem is prevailing. They are also equipped with tools and technologies that can access the functioning of the unit and determine whether the unit is functioning efficiently or not. Don’t wait for any breakdowns to call a HVAC specialist because it becomes more stressful and costly. If regular maintenance is provided then there won’t be any major repair works. If the unit you have has both heating and cooling facility then you have to service it at least once every three months. HVAC contractor who are experienced and professional will be able to find and fix almost every problems. Before hiring a contractor check their license. Good HVAC companies will hire only well trained and experienced people who can handle any kind of problems related to HVAC system.

 Consulting a reputed and established contractor is advisable because normal contractors won’t have the experience nor the technology to deal with your HVAC system when you are facing a problem or want to service the unit. You need to check the company profile in order to understand how well they are managing themselves. If the contractor is not efficient then you will have to face the consequences as they will not be able to fix the problem and would later on turn out to be more expensive.

The advantages of a thermostat

Traditional heating controls have a knob that helps to adjust the temperature. Since it is not digital the temperature setting will not be accurate. A modern thermostat is digital, it is more accurate and the temperature that we set will help us heat or cool to the right temperature. Thermostat is like a communication media that help you to control the temperature of a HVAC system, for the system to work efficiently it is also important to get the temperature settings right. A digital programmable thermostat can improve the performance of your system. A digital thermostat shows the current reading and it also helps you to set the desired temperature. So once you set the thermostat, the desired temperature will be attained without having to constantly adjusting the controls.

In winter you may require your home to be colder during the night and warmer during the day. A programmable thermostat will adjust the temperature according to your requirements but if you have not installed one then it will be annoying to constantly walk towards the control knobs and adjust the temperature. With a programmable thermostat you can programme the HVAC system to lower the temperature while you are sleeping and warm the room in the middle of the night when it is getting colder. The main advantage of a programmable thermostat is that you can set different temperature at different point of time. There are different types of thermostats you can even find thermostat with wifi facilities. Such thermostat can be controlled even when you are not in your home.