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Replacing a furnace filter is not expensive

Most of the home owners believe that furnace filters are expensive hence would be reluctant to change them on a regular basis. The truth is that you can purchase them at a cheap price and that it is cheaper when bought in bulk. If we learn to change the filter by our self then it is never going to be expensive. By replacing the filter you are in fact helping the furnace to work more efficiently. A clean filter means a more efficiently working furnace. A clogged filter obstructs air flow and if not cleaned for a long period of time will lead to extensive damages. A clogged filter will stop catching impurities from the air. To reduce the circulating allergens you will have to ensure a clean filter and for that you will have to learn how to clean or replace the filter of your furnace. Cleaning the filter is not rocket science and can be done by any one by referring the owner’s manual.

The most important benefit that we get from a clean filter is that it protects our health by purifying the air. So if you or any one in your family has respiratory problems then you need to change or clean the filter every month. You should not take your furnace for granted, after all it is a machine and needs repair and maintenance service. Before you step out to purchase a filter note the brand and model so that you would be able to find a suitable match.

Troubleshooting gas furnace issues

The worst nightmare in winter is when you find out that your furnace is not working properly or has broken down. If your furnace is not heating then it obviously means that the unit need to be repaired. Sometimes the unit may require only a simple fix. So before calling for professional help check the unit and inspect it to find out what the actual issue is. Sometimes reduced heating may be due to a clogged filter so check the filter to see if it is clogged. Replace it with a new one if you find it to be clogged. It is not ideal to run your furnace with a clogged filter as it will lead to damage of the furnace parts. Every month you check your furnace, the frequency for changing the filter depends on the type of environment you are living in. if you have pets then you need to change the filter every three months.  

If you find out that one of the room is not heating then it means that the furnace is not able to supply warm air through the registry. In such cases you will have to call a technician to clean the duct pipes. Sometimes the ducts may get blocked by rodents or other particles like dust etc. The technician you have hired will help you clear the ducts. Another frequent problem that can affect your furnace is when it fails to ignite. In such cases the furnace fan will be working but it won’t be able to generate hot air.

Furnace repair checklist

If your furnace is not heating sufficiently then it obviously means that something is wrong with the unit. Sometimes the problem will be not that complicated and can hence be fixed on your own. To fix easy problems you need to figure out the issue by inspecting your furnace. Check the thermostat, power, gas valve, filter, ignition, flame sensor and pressure switch and if there is problem with any of these components then it need to be fixed to restore your furnace to its working condition. Fixing a furnace on your own is fine only if the problem is not complicated hence you need to understand when a technician needs to be called. If the fix requires opening the furnace and replacing the parts inside the unit then you need to seek the help of a professional.

Most of the time the problem will be with the thermostat check the thermostat to find out if there is a problem. If the thermostat shows a jumbled digital display then it means that it needs to be replaced. If the battery indicator is flashing then it means that the batteries have to be replaced. Sometimes there won’t be any problem with the thermostat it is just that you haven’t set the right temperature. Set the right temperature and check whether your furnace is working. Also if the function is not set rightly then the furnace won’t be heating. Another aspect to check is the fuse of the furnace. If it is blown then replacing it with a new one will solve the problem.

Common problems that calls for furnace repair

Since winter is out in the corner its time that you check your furnace and repair it so as to make it work without breaking down during winter. Most of the people in US depend on their furnace for their heating requirements. Since the unit is crucial for winter to keep you warm round the clock you need to check the unit for problems that may interrupt it from warming your house or commercial space. Moreover a decline in efficiency is something you need to check and correct to lower your energy bill. The most common heating repair that need to be carried out before winter are as follows, dirty filter is a very common issue that can decrease the efficiency of your heating unit. If filters are not cleaned on a regular basis it may clog and block air thus reducing the efficiency of the unit. Wear and tear is common with all appliances. Average life of a furnace is around 13 to 15 years to extend the efficiency of the unit and its durability you need to carry out routine maintenances.

A faulty thermostat is another common problem that you need to deal with as soon as possible. It affects the blower and fan of the unit and reduces the efficiency of the unit. If the unit fails to heat the room at the set temperature then you need to call a HVAC specialist to fix the issue.  If you find any issues with the pilot light or the gas then the unit will not heat the rooms and will need a professional inspection.