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Difference between commercial and residential HVAC system

The two major types of HVAC systems are the residential ones and the commercial ones. Residential HVAC system as the name suggests are installed in homes and small businesses whereas commercial HVAC units are installed in larger spaces like office buildings, shopping malls and other large buildings. Both the units function to heat and cool a given space. What varies is the amount of power used, capacity, manufacture etc. There are companies that deal with both commercial as well as residential HVAC system while there are also companies that specialize in just one type. The main difference between a commercial and residential unit is its size. A commercial unit is much larger than residential unit moreover commercial ones are more complex. They have a more complicated thermostat. The amount of power consumed also differs in a commercial unit and due its larger size it will consume more energy.

The location where both the units are installed also differs. A residential unit is usually installed in the backyard while commercial units are placed on the roof of the building. There are a number of aspects to consider while installing a commercial unit like the number of rooms, how many people will be using the space, the type of business etc are a few of them. Since residential HVAC units are less complex some of its maintenance works can be done by the owner while commercial HVAC maintenance need to be done only by professionals. A commercial HVAC unit requires multiple drainage pipes and panels unlike a residential unit that requires only a single pan.

How regular HVAC maintenance can help you

We all are well aware of the fact that regular HVAC maintenance can boost the efficiency of the unit and lower the energy bill but when it is to apply the idea practically we back off. What is it that is keeping us off from ensuring regular maintenance for our HVAC system is the maintenance cost that we will have to pay from our pocket? Well if that is your concern then you need to understand that by regular maintenance you are only going to save a significant amount of money by lowering the energy bill and if you would calculate the maintenance cost and the savings you made from your energy bill in one whole year you will understand that you have saved a significant amount of money. To save money in the long run you will have to strictly follow the maintenance schedule suggested by the HVAC Company you have consulted.

Regular maintenance also helps you to detect problems at an early stage thus helping you to fix the same without any delay or until it aggravates which again will cost you more money. Now is the best time to check your HVAC unit and prepare it for summer. Moreover regular maintenance will also increase the life span of the machine hence make it more durable. If you are not interested to follow a six month maintenance schedule then you can at least opt for a yearly maintenance schedule. Such precautions will prevent unexpected repair works which can turn out to be costly and also very inconvenient if it breaks down in the middle of summer.

The role of HVAC units in Healthcare Industries

Commercial HVAC solutions are very essential and indispensible aspect in the health care industry. In health care centres a day without HVAC system will bring in a lot of trouble. Both the heating system during cold climate and the cooling system during the hot climate have to work round the clock to ensure comfort and safety for the inhabitants. Just imagine if the climate is cold and it is freezing inside the hospital where people come to get treated from their illness. When the temperature inside is not bearable then their condition will only worsen. So a commercial HVAC system in a health care centre has to be well maintained and problem free so as to ensure that it works round the clock without failure. If something happens to the HVAC system and you see your loved ones feeling hot or shivering then how would you feel?

Proper functioning of the HVAC unit also ensure pure and safe environment because all the impurities and pollutants that circulate inside the building are pulled by the filter. Clean air is beneficial to the patients and staff because it can decrease the spread of germs. HVAC unit are of great significance in intensive care units. If it fails for even a few minutes then the patient’s life will be in danger. It is important to keep consulting a professional HVAC company so that the HVAC system remains intact and will never fail functioning. A routine check up and servicing will make the HVAC unit function more efficiently.

Inspecting a commercial HVAC system

It is obvious that a HVAC unit in commercial space has to be maintained at regular intervals. Apart from the usual maintenance schedules it is also very important to check the unit on your own so as to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the machine. Even the slightest abnormality has to be reported at the HVAC Company whom you have entrusted the task for maintenance. If such signs are ignored until the next maintenance schedule then things may go wrong in between and will even effect the normal functioning of the unit. Filters and belts are areas that you need to frequently check in a commercial building. Once you find out that the air filters have become dirty or the belt has worn out then you need to call a HVAC contractor to replace it as soon as possible.

Dust and dirt gets collected near the coil of the unit and for the unit to function efficiently it is important to ensure that it is free from it. It can even damage the unit and decrease its efficiency so any build-up has to be removed with the help of a professional. If the unit fails to cool or heat to the set temperature then it means that the unit needs to be repaired and most probably the problem will be with the thermostat. Replacing the thermostat might solve the problem. Also check the duct work for clogs and dust. Keeping clean the ducts will ensure safer breathing space within the commercial building.

Different types of HVAC system for commercial buildings

Though both residential and commercial buildings install HVAC system for their cooling and heating requirements it is of more significance to commercial building than a residential building. HVAC system is installed in most of the commercial buildings by professionals because the works involves skill and are complicated that only a trained HVAC contractor can carry out the task. Moreover if the unit is installed by a professional then it would reduce the energy cost. There are different types of commercial HVAC units available in the market. A cooling only Split System is one among the classifications. Like all other HVAC units this system is divided into two main units the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit includes supply fan, cooling coil and expansion device. It is responsible for handling the air flow inside the building. The outdoor unit contains the condensing unit and constitutes the compressor and the condenser coil. This type of HVAC system is found in small commercial buildings and it is considered to be the most energy efficient unit.

Cooling only packaged system is another type of HVAC system that is similar to a split system the only difference being that they are assembled in one case. The unit is installed outside the building and the conditioned air is passed through the building to the connected ducts. Another type of HVAC system that is used in commercial building is a Heat Pump. This unit can be used for both cooling and heating. Another option available for heating and cooling a commercial building is with the help of chilled water system. This type of unit uses chilled water that is converted into cool air.

Choosing the right HVAC company for installing in a commercial building

While installing a HVAC unit in a commercial space there are a number of aspects to consider. You spend a fortune on purchasing a HVAC unit so in order to install it in the most efficient manner you need to be able to choose the right HVAC contractor. Proper installation ensures more durability and also energy efficiency. In order to find and choose the right HVAC contractor you need to do some research. Find out whether the company is certified and qualified for the work. There are companies that advertise HVAC installation even without the necessary know how and qualification. Choosing such contractors will make you suffer the consequences that would later pop up while running the unit. So always verify the company whom you would like to choose and hire them only if they are certified. Another aspect that you need to check upon is their experience. A relatively new company will lack the expertise so be careful while hiring such companies. Ask for a written contract so that there won’t be any problem in the future when it comes to payment or any other issues.

Also sign up for a maintenance contract by doing so you will be able to ensure more efficiency for the unit throughout its lifetime. Some companies offer for post installation services for a certain period of time, enquire about such offers and get a signed contract for the same. If the same contractor does the maintenance work then it will be more effective. Insurance for employees is another thing that you have to check for a HVAC company. If something happens to the employees then you will have to bear the medical expenses if the company has got no safety and health policy.

Insulating ducts of a commercial building

Ducts are passages for passing conditioned air hence its importance is self explanatory. It is crucial in maintaining a set air temperature within the building. In order to make a central heating system of a commercial building efficient it is quite essential to layer the ducts with insulation materials. The most common used material for commercial ducts works are galvanised steel and aluminium. Since these materials are easily available they are vastly used. The main advantages of such materials are that they are heavy and difficult to transport as well as install. A material known as polyurethane has been engineered to enable thermal insulation. It is a type of plastic that is highly flexible. Though the initial installation of this insulation lining may be high its benefits are reflected in the long run.

Polyurethane panel linings in commercial buildings ensure low duct maintenance costs. A duct system that is not insulated means more energy consumption and decreased efficiency. With such duct system the unit will have to work more. In short it means extra amount every month on utility bills. Apart from the loss that you have to face every month you are also leaving a larger carbon foot print as the wasted heat leaks out of your home impacting the environment. A rocketing utility bill means you need to fix an appointment with a HVAC professional and then get your duct work checked for damages and repair or insulate them if necessary. Make sure the technician you hire is experienced and licensed, any local handy man won’t be able to solve these types of issues.

Inspecting duct works of a commercial building

It is through the ducts that the conditioned air is passed throughout a building. A duct of a HVAC unit consists of a huge network of interconnected metal pipes. It is through these pipes the hot air that we require to heat the building is passed through. It is important for the duct works to be installed in the right manner so as to ensure that the unit works efficiently. An unobstructed air flow is what helps us determine whether the ducts are working fine and is problem free. Only HVAC professionals can install the ducts properly. Everything is vital in a duct work, the proper sizing, material, insulation etc. It is through these ducts that stale air is removed from the building and fresh air is blown in.

An air filter is usually fixed at the opening of a duct which is for purifying the air thus helping to circulate fresh air inside the building. These filters have to be cleaned on a regular basis so as to maintain a healthy environment within the commercial building. The filter attracts all allergens, dust and other impurities. It has to be replaced within a couple of months. A properly sized and insulated duct work with clean filter is an asset for the commercial building as it helps the heating unit to use lesser energy thus being more efficient. Checking the ducts at least once every year will ensure an efficiently functioning duct system. If the duct work in your commercial building is not insulated then it is important to insulate it so as to prevent any heat loss.

Tips to avoid uneven heating in a commercial space

A very common HVAC complaint that HVAC technicians often have to deal with is regarding uneven heating of HVAC units in commercial spaces.  Winter is fast approaching and it is time to regard such issues happening in your commercial space as it can help you take the next step towards servicing your HVAC unit in order to ensure that it works properly at its optimum efficiency throughout the winter months. If you have trouble with uneven air distribution then you are left with no other choice but to call a HVAC specialist to fix it.

A number of reasons lead to improper or uneven heating one major reason being an issue with the duct work. To determine a ductwork issue in a commercial space is not your cup of tea as it spans a huge area and it is impossible for you to solve the issue on your own. A broken vent leads to air loss and it is a duct issue that needs to be sorted out by a professional. Another reason for restricted air flow is when ducts accumulate dust and other debris. A professional HVAC technician will identify the problem and resolve it thus making the unit fit to work efficiently by providing evenly distributed air flow.

One other mistake people make that would lead to an issue with a commercial HVAC unit is at the time of installation. A wrong sized HVAC unit leads to uneven or improper cooling. If a unit is undersized then it will lead to uneven cooling. An undersized unit will function for longer hours in order to attain a set level of temperature. Over functioning will also lead to increased energy bill and faster wear and tear of the machine. An oversized unit will switch on and off frequently which will put extra effort on the unit thus making it to function more than what is required. The inconsistent functioning of the unit will also lead to an elevated energy bill and uneven air distribution. So it becomes significant to determine the right size.

Since commercial HVAC units are more intricate than residential units it becomes very difficult to determine the right cause for inadequate heating or cooling, which is why a professional HVAC company that is reputable and capable of solving complex issues needs to be hired.  After all, the unit does not come cheap nor does it operate cheaply hence to save money on all repair and maintenance services have to be carried out only through professionals.

Even if you had chosen the best and the most optimally sized HVAC system for your commercial space sometimes things may go wrong due to improper installation. HVAC system in a commercial space has to be installed with proper planning and expertise or else the unit will not function at its optimum efficiency. Now is the best time for preparing your HVAC unit for winter. Call for a maintenance service and check whether the unit is in mint condition. If a commercial HVAC unit breaks down in the middle of winter then it can even affect your business as employers and customers will find it difficult to work or spend time in a freezing environment thus affecting the sales and productivity of your business.  

Consulting a professional technician will help you attain an evenly heated environment in your commercial space throughout the winter months. Professional services will include a thorough inspection of the unit and rectifying all possible technical errors, thus making your unit work for long hours continuously without breaking down.

Benefits of programmable thermostat in a commercial building

To increase or decrease the temperature level in a commercial space requires huge amount of energy and what is most depressing is that you will have to pay for it every month. Setting the right temperature and controlling it throughout the working hours is crucial in a commercial building to reduce energy bills. Apart from lowering energy bills, a programmable thermostat has the ability to maintain a perfect temperature making the employees and the customers feel more comfortable. By ensuring a comfortable environment the production and sales of the business will also increase. Since temperature varies from time to time a programmable thermostat can help you make your HVAC system function according to the changing temperature. It can not only help you keep an optimum level of temperature throughout the building but can also help to reduce your energy bill to a great extend.

Earlier thermostats use to be bigger and had only limited functions. Now this temperature control gadget is smaller and slimmer, in other words less visible like it used to be. Moreover it has become digital and are more user friendly with its touch screen and buttons. A programmable thermostat can be set to make your HVAC unit function at different temperature settings at different time periods. For instance if you want to heat your commercial space more in the morning and less in the afternoon then the programmable thermostat can be set accordingly. So the advantage is you don’t have to frequently walk towards the thermostat to adjust it.

Once you are accustomed to setting the temperature levels you can save energy with preset programs that can help in functioning the unit at its optimum efficiency. Which means a programmable thermostat can help you conserve energy. Leaving the thermostat to function at a constant temperature will increase energy cost hence installing a programmable thermostat is going to benefit you in the long run by bringing down energy cost. It gives you perfect control on your HVAC system. While installing a programmable thermostat consult a HVAC specialist to determine whether it is compatible for both heating as well as cooling because there are some thermostats that works only when cooling and have problems when it is made to function for heating a commercial space.

Installing a programmable thermostat alone is not going to help you in reducing energy bill, you will also have to look into the insulation and maintenance schedules of your HVAC system. If conditioned air escapes from the building then it will put more stress on the unit thus decreasing its efficiency. There are large varieties of thermostats available in the market some of the notable brands are Honeywell, Carrier, and Trane.

Most of the building owners back off on considering the initial installation charges of a programmable thermostat but what they overlook is that it can be recovered within a few months with its efficient performances. Controlling a standard thermostat in a commercial building is beyond difficult, therefore making it ideal to install a programmable thermostat which can help you avoid frequent running towards the thermostat to control the temperature.