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Tips on choosing the right central air conditioner

Choosing a central air conditioner for your cooling requirement is a difficult decision as you get confused by the huge number of choices available in the market. What bothers you while purchasing the unit is that, whether you will get the perfect system that will serve all the purposes you intend to get from the unit? In order to ensure that you get the right unit that would fit specifically your cooling requirements you need to hire the right HVAC Company. The essential aspect that you need to analyse so as to get the right unit installed in your home is the right size required. A HVAC contractor will help you find it out as they have this specific test to determine the size of the unit in proportion to the total amount of space required for cooling. If the contractor whom you have hired has not measured the area of cooling space then it means that they are not professional.

If you have an existing duct work then get it checked by your contractor to see if it can be reused. If he says no then you can use it or else you will have to replace it with a new one. If you are able to reuse the old duct work then you will be able to save a lot of money, most of the time a little patch work will make it as good as a brand new one. Do some research and remain updated because technology constantly changes and you shouldn’t be ending up purchasing an outdated unit.

Maintenance for your central air conditioner

If your central air conditioner is properly maintained all through the year then it will provide you many years of uninterrupted cooling. Apart from regular maintenance spending some time every month to do things that will ensure proper functioning of the unit will help run the unit smoothly. Check your outside unit and trim all grasses and branches that will lead to accumulation of debris around the outside unit. A dirty casement would mean additional strain while functioning. Shrubs and other plants need to be trimmed. Since a central air conditioner functions to cool a large area any additional strain on the unit would result in steep rise of your energy bill. Ductwork is another most ignored part of a central air conditioner. We never bother to open it or look what is inside it. It need to be checked every year because there are possibility for the passage to be blocked by dirt, rodents and  other foreign particles which can lead to clogs thus blocking air flow and putting more strain on the unit.

Cleaning the air filter of a central air conditioner every month is the basic thing to do to ensure clean air inside the building. A central air conditioner requires all the vents to be closed and insulated so if the filters are clogged the pollutants will circulate within the building and will not find its way outside the airtight building. So the inhabitants will be forced to breathe the contaminated air making them sick and leading to serious health concerns.

How to make your central air conditioner function using less energy

Central air conditioners supply cold air throughout the home through ducts or registers. Warm air is pulled out and cold air is distributed to attain the set temperature. If there is a lot of humidity in the room then the unit is going to use more energy to cool. Reducing the level of humidity can help to speed up cooling process thus making it more energy efficient. If your air conditioning system is more than 15years old then it is time that you replace it with a new one since such units consume a lot of energy while functioning. Paying high energy bills every month is going to cost you a lot of amount in the long run so it is wise to upgrade the unit to an energy efficient one.

An oversized or undersized unit is another cause for elevated energy bills. While installing a new air conditioner make sure that you get the right size or else you will end up paying hefty energy bills. To gain maximum benefits on replacing your air conditioner you need to make your choice after doing a lot of research there are many models of air conditioners available in the market and it’s only through research that you will be able to find the right unit suitable for your requirements with energy efficiency. Ensuring that cold air won’t escape with proper insulation is another most effective way for reducing energy cost. Routine maintenance by professionals is another major precautionary measure for ensuring increased energy efficiency for your cooling appliance.

Whether to install a central air conditioner or a room air conditioner

Insufficient cooling and large electricity bill is the most common problem faced by people who have installed the wrong type of air conditioning unit. It is vital that you choose an energy efficient unit not only for the reason that it is going to lower your energy bill but also because it is environmental friendly. Energy efficiency means achieving a level of comfort by using the least possible energy for the process. Your air conditioner must be able to make the best use of energy to produce a given level of cooling comfort thus saving you a lot of money. Energy consumption counts in the long run hence you need to consider buying an energy efficient unit. If your cooling requirements are limited to just one or two room then it is better to install a room air conditioner or a split unit as they are more economical than installing a central air conditioner. A central air conditioner is a unit that can cool large spaces if you want the entire house to be cooled then it will be better to install a central air conditioner. Installing a room air conditioner is easy but installing a central air conditioner involves more work and also requires high voltage capacity circuit.

A room air conditioner is rated by its EER value while a central air conditioner is rated by its SEER value. EER is expanded as Energy Efficiency Ratio and SEER is expanded as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The unit used to measure EER is BTU or British Thermal Unit which is measured per hour.

Residential Central Air Conditioner

More than seventy percent of all new houses in the US are making it a point to install a central air conditioner for beating the summer heat. Few decades back people did not bother at all even if there wasn’t an air conditioner. But now people desire to live in comfort hence are keener to spend on those appliances that will make them comfortable. Most of the new homes that are under construction now make it a point to keep provisions for installing central air conditioner at the time of construction. If you want to have the most durable and efficient air conditioner then it is necessary to install the unit through a certified HVAC contractor. If it is about energy efficiency then you need to undoubtedly consider SEER rating. If you have an old air conditioner then it is time that you replace it with a new one having a god SEER rating which will help you lower your energy bills substantially.

By consulting a specialist in the field will help you install the right type of air conditioner that functions economically. Regardless the size of your home, large or small, a HVAC contractor will help you in installing the most efficient air conditioner. It is obvious that the cost and labor for installing a central air conditioner is going to cost you a great deal of money. Moreover you can also find a huge variety of air conditioners indifferent sizes, models and brands in the market. Only a HVAC contractor can help you make the right choice.

How to maintain your central air conditioner

If you want your cooling system to last longer and function efficiently then make sure to pamper your air conditioner with proper maintenance. Most of us take our air conditioning unit for granted hence deny it with the basic maintenance. We realize its importance only once it stops functioning. Regular and timely cleaning is necessary to make it function efficiently. The out door unit tends to get dirty easily hence need to be checked and kept clean at all time. In order to keep the indoor air clean and pure you need to clean the air filters at regular intervals. The frequency must be increased if there are more pollutants in the air. If you want your air conditioner to be less prone to repairs then it is necessary that you keep the unit clean. Check your air conditioner regularly and if you find any fault or signs then get it repaired as soon as possible.

You need to unplug the socket before checking the unit. You need to check not only the indoor unit but also the out door unit and the duct works. If you find leaves or anything else stuck in the outdoor unit then clean it to make your air conditioner work efficiently. A garden hose can help you clean the unit. You need to also clean the foam filters and if it is damaged then replace it with a new one. You can clean the filter with soap and water but make sure to fit it back only after drying.

Choosing and installing a central air conditioner in your home

It is undoubtedly true that a central air conditioner is the most ideal option for cooling your home. You can enjoy the luxury of cool and comfortable climate within your house that too in all rooms. With a central air conditioner the cooling is not just confined to one room as it is capable of cooling the entire house. While purchasing a cooling unit we are most concerned about the brand. There is wide variety of brands hence we get confused on which brand to choose. Contact a reputed HVAC company who can help you choose the right type of brand. What brand you need to choose also depends on your budget. Purchasing through outlets is not recommended as they may push a particular brand. A central air conditioner’s condenser unit is installed in the back yard. In order to make your air conditioner function efficiently it is necessary that you consult a specialist since they will no the right place. Windows, sun and other climatic conditions can effect your system hence it is necessary that you install the out door unit as per the advice of a specialist.

Another most important installation comes with the duct works. The technician will inspect your house and check the rooms where you want to cool and later on according to your specifications install ducts, usually through the ceilings. They will be able to know after inspection whether the ceiling is fit for installation or not. The electric load capacity also needs to be considered at the time of installation. Some times your electric main switch may need to be upgraded.

Cleaning your air conditioner

Have you ever considered cleaning your central air conditioner? If not, then start thinking about it now. It is not a nerve wrecking job to back off from, things can be made simpler with proper research and know how. Cleaning the unit regularly is a smart thing to do as it can extend the life of your air conditioner. It will help your air conditioner to function efficiently as well. The outside condenser unit tends to get dirty easily hence keep checking the unit to ensure that it is free from all debris. When the unit is functioning the condenser sucks all debris that is in its way hence accumulating dust, leaves, grass and all other things that are light and loose. It is recommended to clean this part of the air conditioner at least once in a month. Now calling for professional help every month is going to cost you a lot of money so it is better to get the job done by yourself.

The fins of the condenser unit collects a lot of dust so what you have to do to clean them is spray the aluminum fins with mild soap solution and leave it to soak for around 5 minutes after five minutes, with the help of a garden hose wash the fins thoroughly until the water runs down clean. Once you have finished cleaning the condenser unit, clean the evaporator coil. You can locate the evaporator coil inside your home it is usually found above the main duct. To clean this part, remove the foil tape and the screws carefully. Once they are removed the evaporator coil will be visible. You can clean it with the help of a vacuum cleaner. To clean it even better you can use mild soap solution and water. Water gets collected in the drip tray hence you need to clean the drip tray after cleaning the evaporator coil.

Advantages of installing a central air conditioner

Summer heat most often comes with humidity and gives us an icky feeling. Old air conditioners only help in cooling but never care to optimize the humidity level. This facility is available in modern central air conditioners. Cooling with optimized humidity control will make the atmosphere around you more comfortable. Don’t just settle for a cool summer but aim for a cool and comfortable summer. A central air conditioner with humidity control feature is what can help you stay comfortable. Now ductless cooling solutions are also available in air conditioning units. There are a lot of advantages installing modern central air conditioning units. Since air is filtered cleaner indoor air is circulated inside your house making it safer and healthier for you and your family to live.

The best feature of a central air conditioner is that it can control the level of humidity making it comfortable for the inhabitants. The right level of humidity is very important to make you feel comfortable. Since the unit’s compressor is installed outside the house the noise would not bother you as it functions very quietly from inside. With the help of thermostat controls cooling can be controlled thus increasing its efficiency. Most of the central air conditioners will also have heating feature hence you can use the same unit in both summer and winter. Most of the people think that central air condition cool the entire house even unoccupied rooms which is not true as you have the option of closing the vents of the room where cooling is not required.

Cleaning the ducts of your central air conditioner

If you have a central air conditioner at your house or office then you certainly will have ducts and pipes running through your ceiling or floor. It is necessary to ensure that these ducts are cleaned on a regular basis. It is a known fact that air condition duct cleaning makes your house and office healthy to live in. Apart from the health aspect if the ducts are not cleaned then it will increase the load of your air conditioning unit thus making it to over work. The consequences will be an increased electricity bill. Those who are sensitive to allergens will also suffer as the circulating air will be polluted hence making it uncomfortable to live.


The frequency of cleaning your ducts also depends on the area where your living and how much polluted the air is for instance if you are living in an area close to a factory then the ducts need to be cleaned more frequently than otherwise i.e. at least once in three years you will have to call for a complete duct cleaning service. In areas where there is no heavy pollution the ducts need to be cleaned only once in five years. If you want your air conditioner to work at its highest efficiency then you will have to get your ducts cleaned by a professional. The channels often after a certain period of time will be piled up with dirt and dust that keeps circulating inside if not cleaned. The area is overlooked as it is not visible and is hidden. To ensure a healthy living for the inhabitants it is necessary to get them cleaned on a regular basis.