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How to get rid of mold

Mold is a serious concern that can even lead to the damage of the structure of a building. Apart from this impact it can also cause serious health issues hence it is necessary to test for mold to curb it and make the space mold free and healthy. Fungal growth may not be visible in the beginning it may grow and multiply in areas which are not visible but you can find it out by its smell and moisture. If there is any damp area in your house then get it checked for mold and fix the leak to ensure a mold free environment. The most favourable area for mold growth is inside the ducts and drains of a HVAC unit. These are areas which are completely out of your sight and needs to be checked by a professional once in a while, schedule for routine maintenance to prevent such issues.

HVAC drain is one other area where the mold grows and multiplies like fire if ignored for some time. If it is not cleaned at least once a year then you will have to deal with the consequence of mold infestation. Molds that form inside the ducts and drains of a HVAC unit will circulate inside the whole building causing respirator problems especial for kids and old people. Those who are allergic will remain sick most of the time under such contaminated environment. So to safe guard the health of your family you need to get rid of mold growing inside your house. Get rid of dampness and repair all leaks so that things around you remain dry and mold free.

Ways to prevent mold growth inside your air conditioner

Moisture inside your air conditioner will promote mold growth. Most of the air conditioners attract mold because of the moisture. Mold spores growing inside the air conditioner is not good for the health of the inhabitants as the air gets contaminated and will make the people who are inhaling such contaminated air sick. If you ignore such mold growth it will spread like wild fire and contaminate the whole area. Those air conditioners that are designed and installed properly can prevent such mold growths. Maintaining the air conditioner regularly can also prevent the growth of mold. Those units that are not installed properly and are not maintained regularly will be breeding ground for mold.

Cleaning the air conditioner regularly can prevent such mold growth. Check the condensation pan and ensure that it does not overflow. Too much water in the pan will promote mold growth. Drain out the excess water from the pan to keep it clean and free from molds. Hire a professional maintenance service so that they will take care of the cleaning part. Whenever you detect the system leaking at any place get it fixed as soon as possible because the water will encourage mold to breed and multiply. Dampness around the base of the air handler is due to a block in the condensation pipe if it is not fixed immediately then mold will grow and multiply. Check the exterior walls near the outside unit as well as inside unit and if any dampness and mold is found clean it with a hard brush.

Post 3 Ways to reduce your cooling energy bill this summer

When summer is round the corner you need to prepare your cooling unit to make it fit and running healthy. It is important to ensure that your air conditioner is working properly. Don’t wait till the first day of summer to switch on your air conditioner and check whether it is working or not. A very humid environment makes you feel uneasy and tired. It is during the summer that the air conditioner has to work hard to cool the rooms so pre-maintenance is essential to make it strong to withstand the pressure of extra work during the summer months. To reduce the stress you need to take certain measures like changing or cleaning the filters. Clogged filters can make the unit work harder thus adding pressure to the unit and increasing the energy bill. So to make the unit function smoothly and more efficiently get the filters changed regularly. If you don’t have a ceiling fan then get it installed because a ceiling fan helps in circulating cold air. With the help of a ceiling fan the air conditioner will be able to cool the room faster thus putting lesser stress to the unit.

Keep the doors and window shut whenever the air conditioner is functioning or else cold air will leak which will lead to longer cut off times to keep the room cool. You should also ensure proper insulation of doors of windows so that the conditioned air will not escape. Also these gaps will let in hot air from outside putting more stress on the unit.

All about portable air conditioners

If you have a limited budget or if it is difficult to install a traditional air conditioner then a portable air conditioner will be a good choice. As the word implies a portable air conditioner can be moved from room to room and it does not have to be installed permanently. To make it work properly it has to be vented through a window.  It comes with a venting kit and an exhaust hose that has to be vented out with the help of the venting kit. If you have no provision for venting through the window then you can vent it through a hole in the wall. Water drainage is another component of the unit. The water that is removed from the air in the process of cooling is used to cool the unit and the excess water can be collected in a bucket which needs to be emptied on a regular basis. There are some units that use the self evaporating technology in which the excess water evaporates and passes as hot air through the exhaust hose. Some of the air conditioners will have drain hose which can be used to drain water outside through a drain pump or drainage.

Like all regular air conditioners this unit has a filter which needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly. Some of the models also have an inbuilt air purifier. Depending on your usage the filter need to be cleaned on a monthly or at lesser or more frequency. The washable filter can be removed by sliding it out after opening the case. After sliding it out if it is a washable filter then immerse in warm water and wash it with a mild detergent. Rinse it well and dry it out completely before placing it back.

Tips on choosing the right sized air conditioner

It is important to choose the right sized air conditioner for a comfortable cooling. If you install a wrong sized air conditioner then it will fail to maintain a comfortable level of temperature. Improper sizing will also lead to an increase in energy bill hence you will end up paying more than what you otherwise will have to. It will also cause the air conditioner to break down due to over working of the unit. To get the right sized cooling unit you need to consult a HVAC contractor. It is possible to do it yourself but you will have to do so by some online research in order to calculate it correctly and effectively. Following a few methods explained here can help you determine the right size. First you will have to determine the ideal temperature in which you and your family will feel comfortable. Once you have determined the temperature level up to which you want your air conditioner to cool calculate the difference between the actual temperature inside your house and the temperature that you want your air conditioner to cool up to. Based on these calculations you will be able to determine the load of the air conditioner that you are going to install.

Manual J is a method that is used by the professionals to calculate the right load of an air conditioner. Though it is complicated searching online will give you an idea and help you determine the right size unit required for cooling your house. The two types of Manual J calculation methods are whole house load calculation and room by room load calculation.

Preparing your air conditioner to run efficiently for summer

Winter has passed by and somehow we have managed to live through it without much difficulty. Now it’s time that we prepare for summer because summer is fast approaching and it’s time that we think of ways to beat the summer heat. Now it is spring and it is the best season of the year. The warming temperature allows us to spend lots of time outdoors. While we are busy enjoying the most pleasant climate of the year it is equally necessary to check our air conditioner and call for an annual maintenance service so that our cooling system will work properly during the summer months. Summer will be here in no time because our busy schedules keep us so busy that we often forget how time flies. Though you don’t need your air conditioner now, tuning it up and preparing it for the coming months of summer is very essential. Spring is the best season to prepare your home for summer.

Central air conditioning units need to be handled by professionals so checking it and services it has to be done now so that you will be ensured of an uninterrupted cooling comfort during the summer months. The first step to checking your air conditioner is checking its coolant level. If the level is low then it has to be refilled. Without the optimum level of coolant your air conditioner won’t cool efficiently. Check other parts of the unit as well. Condenser coil and condensate line is another part of the unit that needs regular check up.

Cleaning the air filters of your air conditioner

If your cooling system is working but cold air is not blown out through the vent then the problem might be with the air filters. For fixing the problem you will have to check the air filters and clean or replace it if it is clogged. An air filter traps the dust particles circulating within the room and filters the air hence it is obvious that with time it will be filled with a lot of impurities which makes it clear that it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. An air conditioner working with a clogged air filter will make the unit function under a lot of stress which will eventually tamper the unit and affects its durability. Ignoring such simple aspects is going to cost you a lot of money. Keeping the air circulating in your home clean is also very important. With a dirty air filter the cool air circulating within your home is not going to be clean in fact the air is going to get more polluted.

Cleaning the filters are necessary to keep the air safe and clean inside your house. Problems like allergy, skin disorder etc. can be prevented by keeping the air filters clean. People are only concerned about the pollution that is happening outside. Have you ever wondered how much safe it is to breathe inside your house? Most of the allergy attacks are acquired from your own home so to keep these allergies and other impurities at bay you need to clean or replace the air filters on a regular basis.

Breathe pure and safe air in an air conditioned room

Asthma is a common ailment that affects a lot of people around the world. Asthma patients are allergic to fur of pets, dust mites, pollution and pollen. Air condition can help purify the air by removing all the impurities circulating in the air. Air conditioners have air filters that help in filtering the air. These air filters store all the impurities and need to be cleaned once in a while for making the purification process more effective. The filters of an air conditioner help to remove pollens, dust and pet hairs which will be stored in it. An air filter is a net like fitting that comes with almost all types of air conditioner, window air conditioner, split air conditioner, central air conditioner etc.

There are two types of air filters, washable and disposable ones. The air filters need to be cleaned at least once in a month. If it is a washable one then wash it with a mild detergent and water and put it back after drying completely. If the air filters are disposable ones then pull it out from the unit and replace it with a new one. Though it is not considered to be a cure for asthma you can reduce the impurities in the air with the help of an air conditioner. Since you spend most of your time in your house the environment within your house need to be kept clean and safe for a healthy living. Especially when the environment outside is hustle and bustle and causes a lot of pollution.

Pinpointing strange noises coming out of your air conditioner

If you notice some strange noises coming out of your air conditioner then it is a matter to be concerned of. Such noises clearly indicate that it is time to call for professional help. You can diagnose the problems by your own by understanding the right causes for the noise. If you find out unusual sounds coming out of your cooling and heating unit then try to find from where exactly the noise is coming from. If you are hearing it come from the duct work then there are chances of the ducts being damaged. If the sound is coming out of the air handler or the blower then there is possibility for an air leak. If a sparkling noise is coming out of the refrigerant pipe then the problem will be a leak of the refrigerant which needs to be repaired immediately by a professional.

Another unusual sound that needs immediate action is the sound that comes from the electrical panel. It could turn out to be dangerous if not attended immediately. If the problem is with the thermostat then there would be a clicking sound. If the indoor air handler has got a problem then a squeaking noise will be heard through the ducts. If a moving and scratching sound is heard through the duct then some rodents might have entered your duct and will be living inside. If rattling noise is heard then some parts of the unit might be loose and need to be tightened up. A loose fan blade can make the rattle sound; try to get it tightened by a professional.

Improving the air quality of your house

Huge investments are made every summer to ward us from the scorching heat and humidity outside. Though we make every effort to stay comfortable at any cost during the summer have we ever thought about whether the air circulating inside our house is pure or not? Are we breathing clean and fresh air? We may not smell or see unusual things but the air inside can be dirty to such an extent that it will make you sick and you will still not sense the truth as there won’t be any visible evidence. Molds for example can make some people really sick. If you don’t get rid of it in the beginning then it will start spreading and will make it difficult and more expensive to clean at a later stage. People who are sensitive to molds need to take care of it. It is during hot and humid climate that these molds thrive hence check the sensitive areas like the areas around the air conditioner, window frames and other areas of your house.

Besides molds there are other pollutants that can cause serious impact on your health.  Keeping your home cool and dry can get rid of the molds. Tackling the other intruders like pollens, dust mites, insects are even more difficult. These allergens go unnoticed hence making the inhabitants sick. So don’t let them collect and breed inside your house. Cleaning your air conditioner filters regularly is a must to keep the pollutants at bay. Clean the condenser, the fan and the drain pipe. Call for professional help if you find it difficult to handle it yourself.