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Benefits of installing a ductless mini split air conditioning unit

Bearing the heat is something we cannot imagine and it is not a good thing. If you find it hard to centrally air condition your house due financial constraints then a mini split air conditioner will be a good option as they are affordable and also can provide you with a comfortable living space. Since a mini split unit does not require any duct work it is easier to install and is budget friendly. Such units consume lesser energy hence you will not have to pay huge amount on energy bill especially if you have installed a 4 or 5 star rated unit. Moreover you can control the areas where you want to cool hence there is no unwanted cooling of any room. Since it is a ductless unit it can cool only a smaller area. If you want to control the temperature of your entire house then a ductless unit will be a better choice.

A split unit has two main components the inside unit and outside unit. The compressor is assembled in the outside unit hence making it quite while operating from inside. The inside unit is connected to the outside unit with a copper tubing that runs from the inside unit through a small hole made on the interior wall where it is installed. Usually it is made to function to cool the room where it is installed. The air filters of a ductless units are stronger and can do better air filtration by removing dust and other allergens from the air more effectively.

What all components of an air conditioner requires regular maintenance

In the middle of summer if you find out that your air conditioner is not working won’t you feel frustrated? In order to avoid such a situation you will have to prepare now to stay comfortable and sweat free in the coming hot months by providing proper maintenance for your air conditioner. With regular maintenance you will be able to keep your air conditioner as good as new. Before calling for professional help you need to know why you require the maintenance. One main reason to call a professional is to ensure that the unit has a clean filter. Clean filter helps in circulate fresh and pure air. Though changing filter is not the primary requirement for calling a professional for the maintenance work it is also part of it. Filters are easy to change and can be done on our own. There are other part in the unit that requires professional know how for cleaning and maintenance like the evaporator coil. The main function of the coil is to cool the indoor air. If the machine is used regularly then there are chances of grime and dirt built up which need to be cleaned by a professional as it involves opening up the machine.

Another area which needs a cleanup is the condenser coil. A condenser coil is a component of the outdoor unit that helps to expel hot air. You need to ensure that nothing is stuck inside the coil. Remove plants and grasses that would hinder its functioning. The blower is another component of the unit that requires regular cleaning up.

Tips on how to extend the life of your air conditioner without regular professional maintenance

To hire professional air conditioner maintenance service might sound expensive. It is true that you will be able to save a lot of money from your energy bill but the fact that you will have to pay a considerable amount from your pocket makes it bitter. A few easy maintenance tips can help you save those highly priced maintenance charges. Replacing your air filter regularly or cleaning a reusable air filter regularly can ensure better efficiency for your air conditioner. The air filter is one component of the air conditioner that can be easily cleaned on your own. Ensuring clean filters will extend the life of your air conditioner. Ignoring such basic maintenance for your air conditioner will lead to expensive repair works and damages.

Another tip that can help you run your air conditioner at its optimum efficiency is by setting the thermostat with the right settings. Wrong settings will not only force the unit to work consuming a lot of energy but will also put a lot of strain to the machine leading to wear and tear. Setting your air conditioner to work continuously even when there is no one in the room can be avoided with right thermostat settings. This will reduce the energy bill and also extend the life of the unit. If face any kind of mechanical problems then it is always recommended to fix it by a professional. Professionals will ensure stellar services hence solving the issue in such a way that there won’t be any chance of its recurrence for a long period of time.

All about portable air conditioner

If you have limited budget or if it is difficult to install a traditional air conditioner then a portable air conditioner will be a good choice. As the word implies a portable air conditioner can be moved from room to room and it does not have to be installed permanently. To make it work properly it has to be vented through a window.  It comes with a venting kit and an exhaust hose that has to be vented out with the help of the venting kit. If you have no provision for venting through the window then you can vent it through a hole in the wall. Water drainage is another component of the unit. The water that is removed from the air in the process of cooling is used to cool the unit and the excess water can be collected in a bucket which needs to be emptied on a regular basis. There are some units that use the self evaporating technology in which the excess water evaporates and passes as hot air through the exhaust hose. Some of the air conditioners will have drain hose which can be used to drain water outside through a drain pump or drainage.

Like all regular air conditioners this unit has a filter which needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly. Some of the models also have an inbuilt air purifier. Depending on your usage the filter need to be cleaned on a monthly or at lesser or more frequency. The washable filter can be removed by sliding it out after opening the case. After sliding it out if it is a washable filter then immerse in warm water and wash it with a mild detergent. Rinse it well and dry it out completely before placing it back.

Do it yourself air conditioner maintenance tips

Air conditioners have now become a necessity in every home and work place. In order to ensure that the unit works properly you need to provide it with regular maintenance. Few basic maintenance services that you can do on your own are by checking the unit and cleaning the components if they are dirty. To clean the outside unit you will have to first disconnect the power code and then remove the outer case and then brush of the dirt and leaves that are stuck inside. Take extra care not to damage any parts. A medium power vacuum can be used to pull out the dirt and mud from the coil. The basic services that need to be performed for your air conditioner will be mentioned in the owner’s manual. Sometimes you will have to pour lubricating oil for smooth functioning of the unit. After you are done with the job you need to replace the cover and check the unit by plugging in the wires and switching it on.

Also check the unit for any leaks in the ductwork. If there is a leak then cooled air will escape and reduce the efficiency of the unit so get it sealed to get the maximum out of your cooling unit. Another area where the insulation can be frayed is around the coolant system, check it and get it replaced if missing. After trying all these do it yourself tips still your air conditioner is not working properly or is not running efficiently then call for a professional HVAC service to get the unit fixed.

How to clean the condenser coil of your air conditioner

Cleaning the condenser coil is part of the maintenance program that has to be carried out regularly in order to help you pass the hot summer months comfortably, if you haven’t cleaned the condenser unit yet then consider cleaning it now. If you have a clean condenser coil then it will help to run the air conditioner efficiently. Whether you have a central air conditioning unit or a split unit you will have to clean it on a regular basis. While using any detergent or chemical to clean the coil you have to ensure that it is suitable and won’t damage the coil material. A very dirty condenser coil will require a foaming type coil cleaner and if it is not that much dirty then a mild detergent will be sufficient. The ones you use for car wash would do the job.

What is important is to remove all the grime and dirt that had accumulated in the condenser coil. Removing them can help in better air flow. Sometimes the coil needs to be cleaned with just a water hose. If the coil is soiled too much then it is better to call for professional help. HVAC maintenance contractors will have foaming cleaner to clean those very dirty and difficult to reach areas. While cleaning the condenser unit great care should be taken. If you would learn the techniques then it will be easy for you to do it on your own and you will be able to clean it more frequently thus ensuring better and efficient functioning of the unit.

Maintenance for your air conditioner will keep you cool all through the summer

When we hear summer the first thing that comes into our mind is air conditioner. We want to rum our air conditioner as efficiently as possible so as to reduce the hefty cooling expenses. A preventive maintenance check is hence necessary to ensure that the unit would work efficiently without unexpected breakdowns. So you it is necessary to schedule an inspection by licensed contractor before summer hits so as to prevent any potential breakdowns in the future. Such checks should be done every year preferably one month before summer. The inspection will include any possible repair works as well as Freon leaks. It is also recommended to change the air filter prior to summer. If it is a reusable one then clean and refit it.

If you have a central air conditioner it is important to check the ducts and get it cleaned if dirty. Get the outside as well as inside unit checked. Don’t be reluctant to call for professional help thinking it will cost you a lot of money. On spending for maintenance you are making the air conditioner more efficient and it will also increase the unit’s durability. The amount can be retrieved within a few months from the savings that you would be able to make from the energy bills. It is important that you clean all the possible components of an air conditioner like the filter, condenser coil, evaporator coil, vents etc. These are areas that can collect grime and dust. Such areas have to be cleaned for smooth functioning of the unit and should be part of the maintenance program.

DIY tips for cleaning the ducts of a central air conditioner

If you have a central air conditioning system then you will also have ducts installed in your house. Though air filters help trap impurities from the air over time the ducts will get dirty and would require a cleanup. Hiring a professional to clean the ducts will cost you a lot of money doing it yourself will save that extra amount. Check the duct through the grills and if it is found dirty then clean it. You can do it yourself by following the instructions carefully. Once you have determined that the ducts need to be cleaned then the first thing to do is to switch of the unit and then remove the plug from the socket. You will have to arrange for a replacement filter, rags, vacuum cleaner, brushes and screw driver. The replacement filter is to replace the filter if it is clogged and dirty. Usually the filter is replaced every six months. Now remove the screws to pull out the duct cover. Once you have removed all the duct covers clean them. Be careful with the screws so that you won’t lose them.

After thoroughly cleaning the grills with the help of a vacuum cleaner clean the interiors of the ducts till where the brushes of the vacuum cleaner would reach. Make sure that you do it gently or else you may puncture the surfaces. After you finish vacuuming wipe it with a dry rag so that all the moisture is dried out. Once you are done with the cleaning replace all the duct grills and screw it up.

Purchasing an air conditioner – Are you making the right choice?

When you are in search of an air conditioner a lot of things come into your mind. You wonder which one will be the best choice. In such a confused state of mind you may end up purchasing the wrong unit which you will have to bear the rest of your life. Taking the right decision while purchasing a cooling unit is vital because it is going to affect your life not only comfort wise but also monetary wise. Make sure that you get the right equipment. Everything is important while considering installing a new air conditioner from the size of the room, number of rooms to be cooled, energy efficiency etc. Conduct a thorough research on these aspects, so that you will have a better understanding on air conditioners which in turn will help you make the right choice. The choice depends wholly on your requirements. If you have a limited budget then you won’t be able to afford a central air conditioning unit so will have to satisfy with a room air conditioner.

Whether you are installing a split air conditioner or a central air conditioner it is very important that you install an energy efficient unit. For cooling a lot of energy will be consumed and if you install an air conditioner that is not energy efficient then you will end up paying hefty energy bills every month. It’s true that the initial investment will be on a lower side but the amount of energy bill that is going to be charged on you every month is not going to be cheap. So pay that extra amount to save future cost on energy.

Is it time to replace your old air conditioner?

If your energy bills are shooting up or if the unit is making a rattling sound or requires frequent repair services then it means it is time to replace your air conditioner with a new one. If you are going to delay the replacement process then unknowingly you are going to pay hefty amounts in the form of monthly energy bill. If you would think over it and calculate the energy bill you have been paying all these years then you will definitely decide to replace your air conditioner as soon as possible. Before purchasing a new air conditioner you need to understand a few basics on how to make your air conditioner energy efficient. There are many ways in which you can make your air conditioner function using lesser energy. Insulating your home properly will put lesser stress on your cooling unit. It will restrict hot air from entering and will also prevent cold air from escaping. Check all your windows and doors and insulate it properly.

The use of appliances generating heat has to be minimized while the air conditioner functioning as it would take longer for the air conditioner to attain the set temperature. While installing a new air conditioner always entrust the task to professional HVAC companies. Improper installation can decrease the efficiency of the unit. Professional services will be guaranteed hence if ever problems arise it will be sorted out free of cost. Keeping the air filter and ducts of the air conditioning system clean and dirt free will ensure better efficiency.