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Maintenance for your air conditioner will keep you cool all through the summer

When we hear summer the first thing that comes into our mind is air conditioner. We want to rum our air conditioner as efficiently as possible so as to reduce the hefty cooling expenses. A preventive maintenance check is hence necessary to ensure that the unit would work efficiently without unexpected breakdowns. So you it is necessary to schedule an inspection by licensed contractor before summer hits so as to prevent any potential breakdowns in the future. Such checks should be done every year preferably one month before summer. The inspection will include any possible repair works as well as Freon leaks. It is also recommended to change the air filter prior to summer. If it is a reusable one then clean and refit it.

If you have a central air conditioner it is important to check the ducts and get it cleaned if dirty. Get the outside as well as inside unit checked. Don’t be reluctant to call for professional help thinking it will cost you a lot of money. On spending for maintenance you are making the air conditioner more efficient and it will also increase the unit’s durability. The amount can be retrieved within a few months from the savings that you would be able to make from the energy bills. It is important that you clean all the possible components of an air conditioner like the filter, condenser coil, evaporator coil, vents etc. These are areas that can collect grime and dust. Such areas have to be cleaned for smooth functioning of the unit and should be part of the maintenance program.

How to extend the life of your air conditioner

An air conditioner is dearer to you than what you actually consider about it. It is when the unit stops functioning that you would realize its worth. Don’t take your air conditioner for granted until the unit gives you a nightmare by breaking down in the middle of the summer. Though you would be able to repair it, if it breaks down during summer you will not get it fixed immediately. In order to avoid such situations you will have to ensure regular maintenance. Ignoring maintenance will reduce the life span of your air conditioner. Since you are spending a lot of money on its installation you would want it to work more than 15 years and to make it possible you will have to take care of the unit and maintain it at regular intervals. Professional maintenance service once a year will ensure year long efficiency. If such maintenance is not provided then chances for freezing and shorting out are very high.

With proper maintenance you can not only extend the life of the unit but also reduce your energy bill. While searching for a professional service, ensure that they will provide you a satisfactory service at a reasonable price. Ask for an estimate and if they refuse to give one check for other options. It is also very crucial to install the unit with the help of professionals. A unit that is not properly installed would function less efficiently. Such units will strain more to function eventually damaging the unit much earlier than its optimum life span.

The perfect service for your air conditioner for a perfect summer

If you don’t want to bump into a fat repair bill this summer it is important to maintain your air conditioner to make it summer fit and efficient by providing it regular maintenance services. Like all other electronic equipment, your air conditioner also requires regular tune up services to make it function efficiently without consuming a lot of energy. Fuel efficiency is the key to lowering operating cost in the long run. Low operating cost means saving a lot of money. Checking the compressor, cleaning the coils, cleaning filters, oiling or lubricating parts like fan motor etc are a few maintenance services required for the well being of your cooling unit. The belts should also be checked to ensure that they are placed properly. Hiring a professional for the maintenance work would ensure all these are done in the right manner. They will also check coolant level which is vital to ensure that the unit is working efficiently. If a lower level of coolant is detected it will be filled to the normal level.

Purchasing new filters and replacing the old ones is a major step to ensure that your air conditioner is working properly. You should also keep all the supply outlets open to prevent the unit from damaging. Ensuring regular maintenance will lower the chances of major repair works and will keep you more comfortable. You can recover the cost of annual maintenance from the amount of savings you make from your energy bill. Your cooling expenses are not cheap all you can do is prevent it from increasing which can be accomplished with regular maintenance.

Why all components of an air conditioner require regular maintenance

In the middle of summer if you find out that your air conditioner is not working won’t you feel frustrated? In order to avoid such a situation you will have to prepare now to stay comfortable and sweat free in the coming hot months by providing proper maintenance for your air conditioner. With regular maintenance you will be able to keep your air conditioner as good as new. Before calling for professional help you need to know why you require the maintenance. One main reason to call a professional is to ensure that the unit has a clean filter. Clean filter helps in circulate fresh and pure air. Though changing filter is not the primary requirement for calling a professional for the maintenance work it is also part of it. Filters are easy to change and can be done on our own. There are other part in the unit that requires professional know how for cleaning and maintenance like the evaporator coil. The main function of the coil is to cool the indoor air. If the machine is used regularly then there are chances of grime and dirt built up which need to be cleaned by a professional as it involves opening up the machine.

Another area which needs a cleanup is the condenser coil. A condenser coil is a component of the outdoor unit that helps to expel hot air. You need to ensure that nothing is stuck inside the coil. Remove plants and grasses that would hinder its functioning. The blower is another component of the unit that requires regular cleaning up.

Don’t deprive your air conditioner of routine maintenance

The most common mistakes that lead to frequent break down of your HVAC unit are due to lack of proper maintenance. You shouldn’t forget that the piece of equipment that you take for granted is performing major functions in order to cool your home hence it deserves more attention which you need to provide by servicing it regularly and if such services are not provided then you can expect a costly repair soon. To start with you need to check the filters. Clogged filters reduce the unit’s efficiency so clean it regularly for efficient cooling. Check the outdoor unit whether it is blocked by growing plants or other debris. Clean the area so that the unit can function properly. If the level of refrigerant decreases then it will affect the cooling efficiency of the unit so get it checked by a professional so that it can be refilled if necessary.

Apart from the routine services you should also pay attention while the unit is working so as to ensure that everything is fine. Any unusual sound has to be checked in detail by a professional as they can identify the problem and rectify it before it is too late and will cost you huge amount. If you ignore such small symptoms then it will eventually lead to major repair works which can turn out to be a costly affair. Also be sure that the air vents of the unit are not covered up as it can lead to inefficiency in cooling. For proper air flow the units air vents has to be fully open without any obstructions.

Installation tips for central air conditioner

Owning a house with the most comfortable living space is the ultimate desire for most of us. We spend most of our time at home hence would think of ways to make it as comfortable as possible. Many new houses are now designed in such a way that it is equipped with a central air conditioner which can cool almost every room in the house thus providing the inmates the ultimate comfort. A few years back people could do without an air conditioning but now people can’t even think of spending even a single summer day without an air conditioner. There are many things to consider while installing a central cooling unit. The first thing to consider is to always approach a reputed HVAC company who would help you install the unit in the right manner. If the unit is not installed properly then its efficiency will decrease. For more durability the unit has to be installed in the right manner.

You should also check the SEER rating of the unit to be installed as it determines its efficiency. Since it will be used every summer you need to choose an energy efficient unit or else you will have to pay hefty energy bills. Reducing your energy usage by choosing a higher SEER rated unit will save you a lot of money in the long run. By consulting a specialist will help you determine the right unit as they can suggest the most appropriate unit considering your requirements. Since installing a central air conditioner is very complicated it is recommended to be done only through experts.

Different types of air conditioners


When it is about choosing an air conditioner for fulfilling your cooling requirements it leaves you baffled as there are a whole variety of choices. It is rather very difficult to pick the most ideal cooling system for your house. In order to make the right choice you will have to do extensive research on various aspects like the design, energy requirements, capacity, price and feature of the different units and compare them to help you make the right pick. First consider the area that you require to be cooled. It can vary from a single room to more than one room or even the entire space. A popular unit for cooling one or two rooms is the split unit. It has mainly two components the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. This unit can be installed easily as only a very small hole is needed to be drilled to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Unlike a window air conditioner they are easier to install and are more elegant in appearance. The installation has to be done properly or else it can cause damage to the unit. A split air conditioner is capable of cooling two rooms. If the unit is not installed by professional leakage issues can arise.

If you want to cool the entire space of your house then the most ideal unit to install is a central air conditioner. Cool air is passed through various ducts that run through the ceiling or the floors. Since air is passed through ducts cool air is evenly distributed through the entire house. If you want to cool the entire space then this option is going to turn out cheaper. Since the installation process is a bit complex, only approach an expert to get it installed.

Significance of exterior and interior covers for your air conditioner


An air conditioner is divided into two main parts, the internal and external units. Since the external unit is installed outdoors we rarely notice what is happening with the unit and also forget to clean it thus ignoring it completely. If you have ignored your outdoor unit for a long time then take the time now to step outside and check the plight of your air conditioner. If it is been a long time since you have not checked your outdoor unit then the sight would be pathetic as the unit will be covered with dust and dirt. Since it is placed outside the unit is open to many impurities and to protect your air conditioner from these impurities when it is not used a protective cover would solve the issue.


An air conditioner cover during the winter season will be of great help for you. There are both exterior as well and interior air conditioner covers available in the market. These covers are of use during the winter as the unit is not required and will not function for a long time, so keeping it covered will protect it from all the elements that can harm your machine. When left open during winter when the unit is not used the dirt and moisture will start accumulating and later on spread to the moving parts of the unit leading to major damages. The motor and the fan need to be kept clean and have to be dust free to provide you the required cooling effect during summer. So make sure to cover your air conditioner towards the end of the summer season and by doing so you can maintain the efficiency of your cooling unit all through the year.