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Advantages and disadvantages of a window air conditioner

Window air conditioners were once the most common type of air conditioner. Ever since split air conditioners have been introduced in the market and especially since the price of a split unit has decreased, people are now switching from window air conditioners to split air conditioners. Window air conditioners are priced lower than other types of air conditioners making it an affordable option. It is now rarely installed in commercial buildings as the installation of the unit requires an exterior wall or window right behind the unit. All the components of the unit are assembled in a single unit hence a window unit does not have a separate indoor and outdoor unit. One major disadvantage of a window unit is that it makes more noise than a split system.

An eco friendly feature of a window air conditioner is that it uses lesser amount of Freon gas. Modern units have more features like ventilation and energy efficiency. Moreover a window air conditioner can last longer and does not require much maintenance as they seldom breakdown. They are also compact in size since all the components are packed in a single unit unlike a split unit that has an indoor as well as an outdoor unit. If the room is large then a window air conditioner will not capable of cooling the entire space evenly. Since they are installed in a window day light will be obstructed. An energy efficient window unit is priced higher making its price almost equal to a split unit.

Increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner


Only a very few among us take proper care of our air conditioning unit and those few people are the smarter ones as they will be able to save a lot of money out of their energy bills due to an increased air conditioning efficiency. An efficient cooling system will not only save you a few bucks but will also provide you a cleaner and fresher air. If you would love to enjoy such comfort then you certainly will have to clean and maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis. There are a number of ways in which you can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and this article will lead you to those ways. The first and the easiest way to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency, is by keeping your filters and coils clean. If the filters need to be replaced then replace it without any delay. Some filters are washable hence does not require replacement. The filters need to be cleaned at least once in a month.

If you have a central air conditioner then make sure that the attached duct lines don’t have any leaks. Leak of cold air will drop the efficiency of the air conditioner. A worn out duct need to be replaced or repaired only then the leak of cool air will be stopped hence increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner. Another aspect to take care of to increase the efficiency of your cooling unit is to keep the out door unit free from all debris.

Different types of air conditioning units

When shopping for an air conditioner you will come across different types of air conditioning units. A few types of air conditioners that are available in the market are as follows. The cheapest type of air conditioner available is the window or the box unit. Such units are suitable only for cooling one room. The main disadvantage of the unit is that they are noisy while operating. Another most popular type of cooling system is the split unit. The split unit has an indoor as well as an outdoor unit. The unit is slightly more expensive than the Window AC. A Central Air Conditioner is another popular type of air conditioning unit that can help you to cool the entire house. This unit is the most expensive unit hence cannot be afforded by every one.


A Portable air conditioner is another type of air conditioning unit that is not quite popular among the buyers, the main reason being increased cost of running. The main advantage of the unit is that it is portable hence can be carried from one place to another. To find the most suitable air conditioner for your home you need to work out your requirements. If you need to only cool a single room then a window or a split unit would be ideal. If you want to cool large area then it will be better to go for a central air conditioner. A portable unit would be ideal for those who want to carry their cooling unit from one place to another.

The importance of selecting the right HVAC contractor

HVAC contractors play a crucial role in installing your heating or air-conditioning system in the right manner and in the most energy efficient way. So it is important that you hire a licensed and experienced contractor who can help you set up the type of unit you are intending to install. It is better that you choose a contractor through a reference. Inquire about their experience and how they undertake the works. Check whether the contractor’s previous customers are happy with the work. Always make sure that you choose a contractor whom you are comfortable to deal with and who listens and responds to your queries patiently. Ask for a detailed quote to check whether the rates are reasonable. A detailed quote will include the cost of material used, the timeline within which the task can be completed etc. The service of a HVAC contractor is not over as soon as the installation task is completed. Routine maintenance is very important to keep the unit running efficiently through out the year hence you will have to build up a long term relationship with such contractors. Make sure that the company or contractor you choose can provide you NATE certified technicians. NATE North American Technician Excellence program is a certification program for technical knowledge. Technicians certified with it are capable of providing you very high quality services as they are trained well and are professionals in the field. Also check whether the contractor you choose has a proper address and are authorized. The following website can help you in choosing the right contractor. http://www.masterworkservice.com/faq/11-questions-selecting-hvac-contractor.aspx

Maintaining your central air conditioning unit

During summer when it is scorching hot outside, relaxing in an air conditioned room is a great relief. A central air conditioning system is commonly found in malls and office buildings but inside a house it is rarely installed as it is very expensive. If installed in a house it can cool all rooms simultaneously. So if you want to enjoy the luxury then get it installed in your house. But remember this unit is not easy to install and requires the service of a professional technician so if you are planning to install or repair such a unit always seek for professional help. The cost varies according to the size and brand of the unit. Now the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is considered while purchasing the unit. The federal regulation of 13 or higher SEER is mandatory.

We rely on our air conditioner so much in summer season that it is hard for us to think even a day without it. In order to keep any air conditioner function non stop without any failure regular maintenance is a must. So forget about costly repairs and replacement options for a long time with regular maintenance. Popular brands recommend proper maintenance of the unit to last longer. If you ignore your air conditioner maintenance schedule then it will start losing its efficiency. An estimated 5% efficiency is lost every year if the air conditioner is not maintained properly. Apart from the regular maintenance schedules homeowners can follow certain measures to keep the air conditioning function at its highest efficiency. The following link will guide you on how to look after your cooling unit. http://ktrapp.hubpages.com/hub/central-air-conditioning-units-maintenance-tips

Do it yourself maintenance tips for your air conditioner

There are a few simple methods that you can follow to keep your air conditioning unit work efficiently. The outdoor unit of your air conditioner needs to be installed in a place where the air flows freely hence trees and branches blocking the unit need to be trimmed so that the unit gets enough space for breathing and functioning efficiently. If leaves or some other debris have fallen over the condenser unit clean them to prevent blocks. Make sure that all landscaping works are done three feet away from the outdoor unit of you’re AC. Since the condenser unit is placed outside it will always be ignored hence will not be cleaned regularly. When the condenser pulls in air it also pulls debris and other pollutants like pollen from outside. This will cause blockage and will even reduce the cooling efficiency of the unit. With the help of a garden hose you can pour water with force to clean the condenser and free it from dirt and dust, thus enhancing air flow which in turn will maintain the efficiency of the unit.

Always keep the filters clean. Uninterrupted air flow is crucial for all air conditioning units to function efficiently. To maintain the airflow it is necessary to change the air filters regularly. The frequency of changing the air filters depends on the use. During the summer season the unit is used for longer hours hence the filters need to be changed more frequently. Clean filters ensure cleaner air circulation, so clean or replace your filters whenever it gets dirty.

Ways to save energy on home air cooling systems

If you want to get great ideas and tips on saving money on energy then there is a very good website called ‘home energy saver’. You can literally save a lot of money from your energy bill by switching to energy efficient methods explained in this website. It is estimated that an average US family spends nearly 2000 dollars every year for paying energy bills. The most disappointing fact is that most of the amount that people are paying is for wasted energy. Moreover the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the use of fossil fuel is something that you need to consider seriously so as to save the environment. The heating and cooling system in your house is what consumes large amount of energy hence while installing them keep thinking in green terms and opt for energy efficient products.

 In the website you will be able to find a very good tool called the ‘home energy calculator’ which can help you calculate easily the amount you can actual save from upgrading your existing energy units to a more energy efficient ones. The amount of carbon footage can also be reduced by following the basic energy efficiency steps.  Essential aspects like proper insulation, installing products with energy stars, upgrading to programmable thermostats that can help circulate the right temperature etc. will help you to make considerable amount of savings and when you calculate the cost of savings you can make within a year you will understand how the upgrading cost will pay off eventually. Let us all start thinking green at the same time make savings from our utility bill by upgrading to energy efficient methods.