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How to clean condenser coil of your air conditioner

Cleaning the condenser coil is part of the maintenance program that has to be carried out regularly in order to help you pass the hot summer months comfortably, if you haven’t cleaned the condenser unit yet then consider cleaning it now. If you have a clean condenser coil then it will help to run the air conditioner efficiently. Whether you have a central air conditioning unit or a split unit you will have to clean it on a regular basis. While using any detergent or chemical to clean the coil you have to ensure that it is suitable and won’t damage the coil material. A very dirty condenser coil will require a foaming type coil cleaner and if it is not that much dirty then a mild detergent will be sufficient. The ones you use for car wash would do the job.

What is important is to remove all the grime and dirt that had accumulated in the condenser coil. Removing them can help in better air flow. Sometimes the coil needs to be cleaned with just a water hose. If the coil is soiled too much then it is better to call for professional help. HVAC maintenance contractors will have foaming cleaner to clean those very dirty and difficult to reach areas. While cleaning the condenser unit great care should be taken. If you would learn the techniques then it will be easy for you to do it on your own and you will be able to clean it more frequently thus ensuring better and efficient functioning of the unit.

How to avoid an air conditioner repair

We depend so much on our air conditioner that we cannot even imagine a single day without the unit functioning. As long as it is working properly we never bother to take care of it but it is when the unit breaks down that we realize how vital it is in our life. We wish the unit to be repaired as soon as possible. Getting the unit repaired the very same day is not possible most of the time especially during busy seasons of summer. The outcome of your negligence will may land you up to spend days in the hot and humid climate without an air conditioner. Such air conditioner repair instances can be avoided by providing the unit with proper maintenance and routine air conditioning services. It is important that we ensure that our air conditioner never fails to keep us comfortable and the only way to achieve it is through routine professional maintenance services.

Though an air conditioner is a piece of machinery we are emotionally attached to it and can’t do without it even a single day. Sorting out with the repair services is a pain in the head so in order to avoid such experiences you need to service your air conditioner regularly. Simple preventive maintenance is all that is required to keep your air conditioner fit and running efficiently throughout the year. An HVAC professional will be able to identify problems at an initial stage and can hence repair the unit before it completely breaks down. Servicing also involves cleaning the unit on a whole which will make it function more efficiently.

Why your air conditioner is not working properly


Tolerating the summer heat with a malfunctioned air conditioner is something we would hate to think of. During summer we would love to think of only cool and refreshing temperature. Often home owners make the mistake of testing their air conditioner only on the first day of summer ignoring the unit until then, which is a very bad idea. If you find out that your air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cold air then it is not at all a good sign. Once you find out that your cooling unit is not blowing cold air, then check whether the unit is set in cool mode if not then change the setting to cool mode, if the settings are right and the unit is still not cooling then check for the next cause. If the air filters are dirty then it can effect the cooling. Clean or replace the air filters and check the cooling. Working an air conditioner with a clogged air filter would damage the coils. To avoid such damages clean or replace the air filters on a regular basis.

Another probable cause for your air conditioner to not work properly may be due to a damaged compressor. A damaged compressor can be repaired only by a professional so you need to call technician to get it fixed. Another cause for a malfunctioning air conditioner is a broken refrigerant. Cool air will not be pumped out if the refrigerant is not working properly. Call for professional help to get it fixed.

Air conditioner repair and maintenance

 If you want to remain cool and comfortable all through this summer then it is important to provide simple maintenance and cleaning for your air conditioner. Air conditioner repair and maintenance is not something that is going to haunt you during the summer. If it is necessary then get it done quickly through professionals. Good professional services will ensure you a hassle free experience. Air conditioner grill and filter are the areas that get dirty very quickly, cleaning them can ensure a more economic cooling. If left unclean the dust and other impurities will block the ducts, thus lowering the efficiency of your air conditioner. This can be avoided by cleaning the filters and the grills periodically. Most common problems that persist with an air conditioner are as follows low cooling, water condensation, rattling sound, problem with the temperature control etc. If these are due to minor problems then it can be solved by reading the manual or else call for professional help.

Whatever repair or cleaning you are going to carry out on your air conditioner, do not forget to switch of the power supply. Cleaning the grills is easy but be careful while removing it as in some units the fan is attached to the grill. Also check whether there are connecting wires before forcing the grill out. If any wires are connected carefully detach them and remember the sequence in which they are attached to reconnect later. After cleaning the grill and the air filter replace them as it was and switch on the unit to check whether it is working properly. If you require detailed maintenance or major repair then call for professional help.

Compare to find the best Heating and cooling contractor

While searching for cooling or heating repair and installation contractors it is wise to take some time to find someone by comparing two or more contractors. The high cost of living in America often demands for higher rates so hiring a contractor for such tasks can be quite expensive as compared to other parts of the world. Most of the people don’t bother to compare and would instead choose a number from the directory or online randomly not aware of the service charges and will never know if they are fairly charged or not. To save money you need to hire a contractor just like you are hiring an employee in an office. Search for a few qualified candidates (contractors), shortlist a few and then interview them to finally find out the right and the most reasonable contractor.


By contacting through phone conduct a short interview based on which you can choose the most ideal contractor. Ask questions like what their rates are and how it is calculated whether on fixed rate or on an hourly rate. Usually a contractor needs to visit the site to provide you an accurate estimate of the cost involved. Let them come to your house and give you an estimate. Now compare them and choose the most reasonable and professional contractor for the job. In case of a repair it is hard to estimate the cost as the contractor will not know what has went wrong unless and until they open up the unit.

Need an ac repair – good references for Appraisers, Builders and Contractors

At times some books can help you gain a lot of information on a particular subject like air conditioning repair, various environmental friendly products, energy efficiency etc. Finding the right reference book can bring in great difference to your approach. If you are an appraiser, a realtor or a builder then the book ‘An Introduction to Green homes’ can be of great help for you. This book is written by Alan Simmons who is a famous appraiser and realtor. The book gives details and information of all that is required for constructing a Green home. From green building certification to products, techniques, guides every thing is explained in detail in this book. Builders and contractors can benefit a lot from this book. The book provides ideas and tips to remodel a house in a greener way. It also explains how the value of your building is going to increase with such remodeling works.

 A detailed description of the available green products that is feasible to install in a home is explained in this book. Very few people are aware of the actual benefits of a green building which is why the concept of green building is ignored widely. ‘An introduction to green homes’ can help you gain vast knowledge on the green home concept. The book features practical examples making it easier for a novice to understand. You will also get links of several websites from this book where you can check the quality of a green product. You can also find out various energy saving methods that can help you make considerable savings. This is a must read book for builders and contractors to understand clearly the significance of such green home appraisal idea.