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Simple maintenance routine to help you run your HVAC system efficiently

An annual maintenance is what experts recommend for your heating and cooling unit. The best time to get it serviced is during the spring season. You need to make an appointment with a professional technician specialized in dealing with your brand of unit. Once they are hired they will thoroughly examine the burner, blower and heat exchanger and will also clean them. After this he will clean both the indoor and outdoor condenser coils and also verify the refrigerant levels. The wiring is also checked and repaired or replaced if needed. Apart from this annual maintenance schedule it is also recommended that you install new furnace filter whenever needed. If you have a pet then replace the filters every month because the filters will be clogged with pet hair spreading allergy through air. The filters may cost you about $10 to $25. At the time of installation make sure that the outdoor air conditioning and heat pump unit is installed at least one foot above the ground.

The refrigerant lines have to be inspected every month and if it is damaged or starts leaking then contact a technician to fix it. A few ml of diluted bleach poured through the drains of the air conditioner will prevent mold and algae from growing and clogging the drains. During summer you need to stop water flow into the humidifier so that it will be dried out when not used. If you are having window air conditioner then wash the filter and dry it, also vacuum clean the condenser coil to prepare it for functioning efficiently during the summer season.