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Significance of exterior and interior covers for your air conditioner


An air conditioner is divided into two main parts, the internal and external units. Since the external unit is installed outdoors we rarely notice what is happening with the unit and also forget to clean it thus ignoring it completely. If you have ignored your outdoor unit for a long time then take the time now to step outside and check the plight of your air conditioner. If it is been a long time since you have not checked your outdoor unit then the sight would be pathetic as the unit will be covered with dust and dirt. Since it is placed outside the unit is open to many impurities and to protect your air conditioner from these impurities when it is not used a protective cover would solve the issue.


An air conditioner cover during the winter season will be of great help for you. There are both exterior as well and interior air conditioner covers available in the market. These covers are of use during the winter as the unit is not required and will not function for a long time, so keeping it covered will protect it from all the elements that can harm your machine. When left open during winter when the unit is not used the dirt and moisture will start accumulating and later on spread to the moving parts of the unit leading to major damages. The motor and the fan need to be kept clean and have to be dust free to provide you the required cooling effect during summer. So make sure to cover your air conditioner towards the end of the summer season and by doing so you can maintain the efficiency of your cooling unit all through the year.