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Save on cooling expenses this summer

It is quite difficult to think of a way to remain cool without an air conditioner. The main constraint of operating an air conditioner to keep us cool is its operational cost. High electricity bill limits us from using an air conditioner for long hours. To save on the electricity bill we try to restrict the use of our air conditioner thus compromising our comfort. A few tips can help you to use your air conditioner more liberally. The first thing to ensure for a more efficient cooling solution is to insulate doors and windows in such a manner that no cool air will escape thus putting less stress on your cooling system. If you have an attic or a garage seal it so that conditioned air wouldn’t be wasted by cooling unwanted spaces. Install a programmable thermostat which can help you control the temperature as per your requirements. A programmable thermostat can also set your air conditioner to switch off at a particular time during the night. Try to limit the use of heat generating appliances as it will make your air conditioner to function longer.

While installing your air conditioner install the outdoor unit in a shaded place as it will help the unit to cool more efficiently. An outdoor unit installed directly under the sun’s rays will take more time to cool hence will increase your energy bill. Scheduling annual maintenance for the unit will ensure optimum efficiency. A higher efficiency would lower your energy bill so think of ways to increase or maintain the efficiency of your cooling unit.