Save Money With a High-Efficiency Boiler or Furnace Dover, NJ

Save Money With a High-Efficiency Boiler or Furnace Dover, NJ

Are you tired of soaring energy and fuel bills? As winter gets closer, the demand for heat gets higher. Thus, your bills may skyrocket over the next few months. The solution for cutting your costs in half is to purchase a high-efficiency heating system such as boiler or furnace.

Air Temp technicians specialize in custom high-efficiency boiler and furnace installation in Dover, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. We offer full service for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you have a home or a large office, we can install a low-cost system that suits your needs.

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Comparing High-Efficiency vs. Standard Heating Systems in Dover, NJ

Our customers often ask us whether they’ll actually be saving money by investing in a high-efficiency boiler or furnace. If saving money is your issue, then it’s worth your time to consider the overall cost.

Annual Cost

One of the primary considerations is how much it will cost you annually to turn on the heat. On average, a high-efficiency boiler or furnace will save you $270 annually.


The most significant distinction between a high-efficiency heating system and a standard system is in the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). A traditional furnace has a rating of 80%. So 20% of the fuel it uses evaporates into waste. By comparison, a high-efficiency system has an AFUE rating of around 95%. You’re only losing 5% of the fuel consumption. This is where the difference can save you money annually.

Purchasing Cost

While it is true that a high–efficiency system will cost you more up front, you will more than make up the cost over a fifteen-year period. Where you will see the difference is in fuel consumption, energy bills, and repairs & maintenance. So the long-term savings are worth the initial investment.

Rebates and Credits

Something that you may never hear about is the rebates and other credits you can receive for purchasing an ENERGY STAR, AFUE rated boiler or furnace. An Air Temp certified technician can discuss all the additional savings you’ll benefit from by investing in a high-efficiency unit.

Dependable Operation

A new furnace or boiler will instill confidence that you don’t have to worry if it will work. A reliable heater is both a comfort and safety issue for any home or business owner.

Quieter Performance

Are you annoyed when your old heater turns on? A high-efficiency system offers a more silent operation than a traditional unit. You’ll rarely notice when it turns on.

Air Temp Also Offers Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Units in Dover, New Jersey

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Units can be used a supplement to your current heating or system. You can also use them as a full replacement. Contact an Air Temp technician in Dover, New Jersey to discover how you can save money and optimize comfort with ductless units.

Experience the Benefits of a High-Efficiency System in Dover, New Jersey

If you want to experience how a high-efficiency system can benefit your home or business, then contact Air Temp. Our certified and trained technicians can perform a full system replacement and get you on the road to better comfort and energy savings.

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