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Purchasing tips for a central air conditioner

Summers have become unbearable so the need for an air conditioner has become indispensable. The best option to beat the summer heat is to install a central air conditioner. Unlike window or split unit, in a central air conditioner cooling is not restricted in just one or two rooms. You can enjoy the luxury of cooling your entire house with a centralized cooling system. Apart from its cooling function the unit can also filter and dehumidify the air hence providing you with the most comfortable cooling solution. Before purchasing a central cooling unit you need to do a lot of planning so that you could make the right decision and wouldn’t end up purchasing the wrong unit. A high quality unit will be more efficient. It is true that units that are more efficient will be priced higher but in the long run they are going to be more economical. Units that have a SEER rating between eighteen and twenty three would be an ideal choice.

The compressor device makes used is also very important to consider while purchasing a central air conditioner. The two types of compressors that are available in the market are scroll and reciprocating compressors. An air conditioning unit with a scroll compressor is more durable than a reciprocating compressor. Scroll compressors work with less noise hence are the most ideal choice. A compressor with a longer warranty period ensures you a more durable unit. Usually a guarantee of ten or more years is provided for long lasting compressors. For other parts a good air conditioner will normally provide at least five years guarantee.