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Progress in the improvement of home energy efficiency

The US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency have been working together over the past ten years for the improvement of energy efficiency in homes through out the country. They have also come up with Home Performance with Energy Star program which is a voluntary program designed for the purpose. When you would take some time to look at the energy consumption rate in the past you will realize how much improvement in household energy efficiency have been achieved over the years. Various programs where introduced with an aim to achieve higher energy efficiency in households. In 1995 the president introduced the concept of home performance. An organization was formed solely for this purpose and its main aim was to provide education on energy saving methods, heating repair and housing performance issues.

The program Home performance with energy star was introduced in the year 2002. The EPA is the founder of this program and they have set this program for a good cause. Various other programs like the Low –income Weatherization assistance program where also introduced to achieve the goal of energy efficiency and improve home energy productivity. Before making these programs available through out the nation they were introduced on a trail basis in two major states of the US, New York and Wisconsin. In these states a centralized fund for energy efficiency was created. Soon the states were able to achieve great improvement in home energy performances. Over the past few years the governing body of the US has brought a lot of improvements in energy efficiency and is still continuing to achieve more such efficiency.