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Just like with the rest of the states, New Jersey constantly faces imminent extreme and even sudden weather disturbances that can often result to power outage throughout the entire state. And because of this, most New Jersey homes can be left without sufficient power and make their cooling and heating systems work especially at times when it’s most needed. With unparalleled and competitive experience in the electrical and HVAC services industry, AirTemp is the most reliable solutions provider for NJ home and business owners on generator installations and other relevant services.

Enjoying the benefits of AirTemp generator solutions

Most people might think that the installation of backup power generators in their homes and commercial establishments will only lead to even more complex electrical problems that can potentially jeopardize their HVAC systems’ capability in securing comfort for their families. But with AirTemp, acquiring whole house generator solutions has never been this easy and hassle-free. And below are just some of the many advantages and benefits you can expect out of establishing partnership with us:

  • Our on-site technical representatives / electricians are well trained and experienced in handling generator installations and services in all types of homes and commercial infrastructures.

  • We evaluate, analyze, and recommend the most suitable type of generator depending on your home’s current structure and present factors. We also provide suggestions that can help you get the best out of your whole house backup power generator.
  • Our generators don’t require any manual operations and dangerous power chords that can most likely lead to unfortunate accidents. It automatically detects power outage and can automatically turn off when power resumes even when nobody is in the house.
  • Our permanent generators harbor no mechanical problems and hassles while providing all the best advantages from that of a portable generator.

We do everything for you…

Our well-trained and deeply experienced electricians are very much dependable in helping you install your generator unit in your home or in your office. We also provide result driven repair and maintenance services and solutions to help keep your generator in its top working condition at all times and consistently enjoy all of its benefits no matter how bad the weather gets.

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