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Improving the Effectiveness of your Air Conditioning Unit

Our expertise and experience in the industry of HVAC services in the state of New Jersey simply dictate that it is not wise to solely rely on your air conditioning unit especially in the warmer months of the year.

It is indeed true that using energy efficient central air conditioning units can deliver significant reductions on your monthly energy bills. However, our constant dedication to achieving excellence in professionalism and customer satisfaction simply suggests that there is always something more that we can do in making sure that each and every Air Temp client enjoys the best results possible from any given circumstances.

And one good example is through the use of attic fans as an effective solution in complementing the overall efficiency of your entire cooling system.

What you need to know about Attic Fans

Attic fans are the major and more commonly used forms of solutions in ensuring proper attic ventilation. The functionality of these units can simply make one’s home or office building become more energy efficient. Equipped with a thermostat, an attic fan is able to function correspondingly on varying temperatures.

When the indoor temperature of the attic becomes too hot, the fan automatically turns on to purposely exhaust superheated air out of the house. On the other hand, attic fans keep one’s roof cool during winter to avoid unwanted circumstances such as ice damming. This is made possible by allowing cold air from the outside to naturally flow throughout the entire space of the attic.

For us here at air temp, we utilize this amazing functionality of attic fans to help all of our valued New Jersey customers enjoy the most efficient and durable central air conditioning and heating systems throughout the entire year. And here are just some of the many reasons why attic fans
make a fine addition to your home:

  • Further improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system
  • Helps avoid heat infiltration through the attic

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  • Helps keep your air conditioning unit from working harder especially during summer
  • Significantly reduce your monthly energy bills
  • Avoid ice damming (melting of snow on the roof and refreezing of melted snow along
  • the gutter) during winter
  • Further lengthen the life service of roofing components and materials
  • Helps reduce excess air moisture in the attic

Our Services


If it is your first time to incorporate an attic fan into your home’s heating and cooling system, our technical experts can help you decide on the matter. We offer on-site evaluations and even free estimates on the needed installations no matter how big or small the job is.


And if you currently have an attic fan that has not been properly installed or hasn’t been providing satisfying results, our replacement services can make all the difference and help you realize bigger returns from your HVAC investment in no time.


If you find your attic fan not working properly or is completely not functioning, your single call brings our expert HVAC technicians straight into your doorstep and deliver super-fast repairs to help keep your home’s attic or office properly ventilated especially during summer.


If it’s bigger ROI you are seeking, then what you need is a longer lasting attic fan. Although our HVAC installation and repair services ensure you of dependable attic ventilation for a longer period of time, Air Temp technical checkups and tune-ups can simply provide you with an even longer durability and dependability from your unit.

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