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Are you sure of the quality of the air you are breathing inside your home or office? If not, then you better step up on your current HVAC investment and acquire the functionality of air cleaners to work alongside your present heating and cooling systems.

According to recent studies by experts in the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), homes and business establishments are increasingly becoming more prone to air pollution with the current principles and applications used on home and commercial HVAC systems.

This simply means that a wide variety of air contaminants are most likely to get trapped indoors making indoor air quality significantly poorer than outdoor air. And because of this, home and business owners become highly vulnerable to various types of respiratory ailments.

Air Temp Service Co., looks into this problem very seriously by offering highly dependable services and solutions for New Jersey home and business owners seeking cleaners indoor air.

Whether you are planning to acquire air cleaners in the form of independent air purifiers or through HEPA inspired air filters, you can depend on Air Temp to provide you with the cleanest and most efficient solution possible on your unique HVAC issues.

Air Purifiers

Air purifier is a type of device that is specially designed to effectively help in reducing air contaminants within homes, business establishments, and other types of enclosed areas. Air purifiers are commercially marketed in two major forms – stand-alone units that run and work independently on designated areas and the larger versions which can be installed and work alongside an entire HVAC system.

Air purifiers prove to be very beneficial to people who suffer from allergy and asthma.

Air Filters

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Most filters that are pre-installed in central air conditioning and heating systems like furnaces and air conditioning units are not that effective in filtering contaminants that potentially dull indoor air quality.

Because of this, filters especially those that pass HEPA standards must be acquired to replace their less effective predecessors. HEPA filters can effectively eradicate 99.97% of air particles of up to 0.3 microns.


By using air cleaners such as air purifiers and air filters to work alongside your current heating and cooling systems, you will be able to experience these benefits:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Effectively avoid asthma or allergy inducing dust or particles
  • Cleaner scent and feel or air throughout the entire house

Air Temp Air Cleaner Services

With more than ten years of experience in serving New Jersey home and business owners with HVAC solutions such as furnace repair, boiler repair, heating repair, air conditioning repair, installations, and maintenance on their heating and cooling systems, we can help you come up with the right and most appropriate air cleaner solution for your home or office.

With a single call, we will be more than glad to send over our expert HVAC technicians to your home or office to conduct the needed evaluations and determine the roots of your air quality issues. By then, we will be able to recommend the most fitting air cleaner solution that will specifically correspond to your unique circumstances.

You can simply depend on Air Temp for high quality services on installations, repairs, and replacements of your air cleaners and enjoy even better results from your current heating and cooling systems.

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