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Here at Air Temp Service Co., there’s always room for further improvements particularly in the overall efficiency of our customers’ heating and air conditioning systems. New and more efficient models of heating systems as well as
air conditioning units may be better choices over the old and less efficient ones.

However, for us here at Air Temp, we always make sure that all of our customers in New Jersey get the best of HVAC solutions no matter how hot or cold the weather gets. We recommend as well as provide rapid installations of the best and most efficient HVAC accessories such as humidifiers, attic fans, digital thermostats, and air cleaners in the industry.


As their name implies, humidifiers are used to increase or add humidity to a single room or the entire house. Humidity refers to the amount of moisture present in the indoor air which helps home and business owners avoid particular disadvantages and discomfort due to dry air.

We install humidifiers that can work alone to humidify a single room independently and those that can be attached into the HVAC system.

Through the proven functionality of humidifiers, our valued customers can avoid or at least significantly lessen their chances of experiencing:

  • Dry skin
  • Dry throat
  • Static shocks
  • Dried out furniture pieces
  • Decreased HVAC efficiency

Year after year, more and more New Jersey residents have been realizing the significance and advantages of using humidifiers alongside their heating systems. Our expert and time tested HVAC technicians will be more than glad to help you acquire utmost satisfaction on your humidifier needs.

Attic Fans

Attic fans are developed to significantly work alongside HVAC systems when it comes to properly regulating the amount of heat within the house and provide comfortable temperatures to home and business owners.

This particular type of fans is installed in the attic in such a way that it becomes effectively capable of sucking out excess heat that has accumulated in the uppermost part of the house considering the fact that hot air rises. What’s best about our attic fans is that they are thermostatically automated.

Meaning to say, they automatically turn on and off depending on the house’s overall temperature. Through the help of our attic fans, you will be able to enjoy you will be able to further enjoy comfortable temperatures throughout your home or your business establishment.

Digital Thermostats

Our line of programmable thermostats doesn’t just deliver improved efficiency on HVAC systems but they also provide utmost convenience to all our valued customers in New Jersey as well. Instead of heading towards your heating or air conditioning unit back and forth at least two to three times a day to configure the settings of your system depending on the varying circumstances of the environment and other factors such as your lifestyle and schedule, you just have to come up with a one-time configuration on your HVAC system and effortlessly leave all the work to your digital thermostat.

Air Cleaners

Unlike what most people think about polluted air in the outdoors, indoor air often prove to be even more polluted than the former according to the most recent studies of experts in the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA.

This is simply due to the fact that with conventional and even some of the new HVAC systems installed among homes and business establishments, a wide variety of air particulates become congested indoors and accumulate through time. Air Temp offers only the finest and most efficient types of air cleaners and we pair them with rapid fast installations.


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