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Post 3 Ways to reduce your cooling energy bill this summer

When summer is round the corner you need to prepare your cooling unit to make it fit and running healthy. It is important to ensure that your air conditioner is working properly. Don’t wait till the first day of summer to switch on your air conditioner and check whether it is working or not. A very humid environment makes you feel uneasy and tired. It is during the summer that the air conditioner has to work hard to cool the rooms so pre-maintenance is essential to make it strong to withstand the pressure of extra work during the summer months. To reduce the stress you need to take certain measures like changing or cleaning the filters. Clogged filters can make the unit work harder thus adding pressure to the unit and increasing the energy bill. So to make the unit function smoothly and more efficiently get the filters changed regularly. If you don’t have a ceiling fan then get it installed because a ceiling fan helps in circulating cold air. With the help of a ceiling fan the air conditioner will be able to cool the room faster thus putting lesser stress to the unit.

Keep the doors and window shut whenever the air conditioner is functioning or else cold air will leak which will lead to longer cut off times to keep the room cool. You should also ensure proper insulation of doors of windows so that the conditioned air will not escape. Also these gaps will let in hot air from outside putting more stress on the unit.