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It’s somewhat relaxing to think that you have a dependable central air conditioning unit or heating system in the house to keep your home as comfortable as possible throughout the entire year especially when outside temperatures reach below zero or when July summer hits above 80 degrees.

But inevitably, HVAC systems face technical problems through time and you could be put into a pretty frustrating situation when your air conditioning unit or furnace breaks down when it’s most needed. In these times, it is imperative to have the most trusted heating and cooling systems specialist in Ringwood, NJ to help keep your equipment in its top working condition.

Air Temp Service Co. has always been New Jersey’s leading HVAC service provider for more than ten years. We always make sure that every call from all of our new and repeat customers are responded with fast and reliable solutions. Whether you are looking forward for a furnace repair, boiler repair, or an AC repair, you can always depend on our field HVAC technicians in Ringwood, NJ to be perfectly accurate in providing you the needed services for your unique circumstances.

We service all brands and models of central air conditioning and heating systems and we greatly emphasize all of our booked appointments with utmost professionalism no matter the size of the job being called for.

Why it’s important to acquire Air Temp’s HVAC services and solutions

Whenever you have heating and cooling systems installed inside your home, office, or business establishment, it is extremely crucial to consider measures on how to take good care of your equipment. And since HVAC systems are complex machines, you need to have expert eyes and hands to make sure every technical problem is best handled.

Home and business owners in New Jersey particularly in the town of Ringwood trust Air Temp services and solutions for all types of HVAC problems. Whether the job requires a lot of work or just a simple furnace repair, Air Temp simply gets the job done in no time. And these are just some of the benefits New Jersey residents enjoy out of acquiring HVAC services like AC repair, boiler repair, installation, oil-to-gas conversion, tune-ups, and maintenance from us:

  • Improved efficiency on all types and sizes of heating and cooling systems. Your central air conditioning unit, furnace, boiler, or water heater will be able to convert 90% to 100% of the consumed energy into conditioned or heated air. Central air conditioning and heating systems that receive less attention on the needed HVAC solutions are only about 70% – 80% efficient.

  • Reduced energy bills. With optimum energy efficiency, our clients in Ringwood, NJ are able to observe significant changes on their monthly utility bills. Well maintained air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, and water heaters uses 15% to 20% less energy compared to units and systems that receive less attention.
  • Reduced risk from deterioration. We are very much concerned on the capacity and efficiency of heating and cooling systems of our valued clients in New Jersey particularly in the town of Ringwood. All our repair services such as AC repair, boiler repair, furnace repair, and heating repair along with our maintenance, conversion, installation, and replacement programs are specially designed to effectively extend the expected life span of the equipment. 

    With Air Temp HVAC solutions, Ringwood residents can expect to have reliable and highly efficient central air conditioning and heating systems season after season.

  • Lesser expenses on maintenance and repairs. Through the help of our maintenance agreement, all valued New Jersey clients particularly in the town of Ringwood receive annual servicing only from the finest HVAC technicians the state has ever had. Our well experienced specialists are very much capable in spotting the smallest problems of your heating and cooling systems which is crucial in avoiding major technical problems through the help of immediate and accurately developed solutions. 

    Investing with our preventive maintenance and repair programs have been long proven to be very effective in avoiding major foul-ups on your HVAC systems. Moreover, all of our clients that have subscribed to our maintenance agreement receive 15% discount on any Air Temp service.

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