Ductless AC Systems in Paramus NJ

Reliable Ductless AC Systems in Paramus NJ

At Air Temp, we specialize in ductless mini-split installations in Paramus for both residential and commercial property owners.. Our contractors and installers are fully licensed, certified, and highly trained to install ductless units for projects both large and small. We are authorized Mitsubishi air cooling systems contractors in New Jersey. When you are ready to invest in high-quality ductless units, then contact Air Temp today. We are here when you need us.

The Advantages of Installing Ductless Mini-Split Cooling Systems

Although many homeowners still use standard HVAC systems, they’re also paying for them. Traditional heating and cooling equipment cost hundreds of dollars to purchase, install, and maintain. They’re not always efficient either because they do not necessarily cool or heat every room in the house. The larger the square footage, the more difficult it is to distribute air evenly throughout the building. The solution is a ductless mini-split cooling system. Here’s why:

Ductless Means No Air Loss

Standard ductwork that you see in most homes and businesses loses about 30% of the airflow that comes from an HVAC unit. As air passes through the air ducts it can leak out through tears in the ductwork, or through loose connections. A smaller conduit that runs from the unit outside to the unit inside tightly connects a ductless system. Zero air is allowed to escape which means that the inside unit is pushing more cool air into the room.

Easy Ductless Mini-Split Cooling System Installation

Another reason that ductless systems are better than standard HVAC units is because they are smaller in size and easier to install. Since they utilize less energy than conventional models, you can install ductless equipment almost anywhere in the home. The conduit connection allows the outside unit to be installed anywhere the homeowner wants. Implementing the system requires minimal effort and cuts down on labor costs.

Improved Temperature Control

Each mini-split cooling unit is equipped with a single thermostat. So if you have three units in your home, then you have three thermostats. This type of setup gives you more zoning control and can help you fine-tune creating the perfect environment inside the building. Mini-split cooling systems can be used to supplement your central air and heating units or can even be used to replace them.

Why You Should Choose Air Temp to Install Your Ductless Units

Air Temp contractors are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of quality service combined with industry leading ductless cooling systems built by Mitsubishi. We offer no-hassle, affordable service and can complete any installation project in a timely manner. We strive for absolute professionalism in all we do. As certified Mitsubishi contractors, we guarantee our work and our products.

Whether you need ductless installations in Oakland NJ, mini-split systems in Glenrock NJ, or ductless units in Paramus NJ, we can help you with your installation from start to finish. Contact us today at 800.969.1232 or you can message us on our website contact page. We’re here when you need us!

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