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Operating a gas furnace

If you are having a gas furnace then you need to consider a few tips to ensure that the unit is in good shape. You need to know everything about your gas furnace so as to ensure that it runs smoothly. From knowing the basics like how to turn on the gas furnace, and change the filter you also need to know how to check the airflow, what has to be done if the unit does not ignite etc.  The first step you need to understand is how to turn on the furnace. It may sound easy but there are people who don’t know how to turn it off and on. To turn it on you need to locate the breaker and then turn it on. Next you will have to find the furnace switch and turn it on. After that you need to set the thermostat to a desired level of temperature. You also have to ensure that the selector switch is set to the heating mode. Now your furnace will start heating your home. This is the most basic thing that we follow everyday in winter.

Apart from its basic function there are other aspects that you need to understand. Checking your furnace is one amongst it. It is important to keep the filter of your furnace clean. It is recommended to change the filter every three to six months. On checking the filter you will be able to determine the frequency. If it is a dusty and polluted environment then the filters need a more frequent change otherwise it need to be changed only once in every six months.