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Now Energy productivity is in and energy efficiency is out

Now instead of attaining energy efficiency people are more concerned about achieving enhanced energy productivity because 1) They can save energy 2) The saved energy can be used for a more productive purpose. Energy productivity is now attained through energy conservation. In short the amount of energy saved by limiting consumption will save a lot of energy which can be used for other productive purposes like manufacturing goods, services etc. The Alliance Commission has put forth a plan called the Energy 2030 which aims at increasing the rate of energy productivity twice of what it is now. The commission also provides various suggestions on building efficiency standards. Over the years the talk was about attaining energy efficiency by calling for air conditioner repair and maintenance service for increased performance. The trend has changed as now people are more concerned about attaining energy productivity in addition to energy efficiency. The commission also recommends people to contribute to energy productivity by preventing energy wastage.

President Barack Obama have also announced for reducing wasting of energy in households and commercial buildings within a few years at the most by 2030. He also have declared to present an award for those states whose efficiency program will lead to more employment opportunities and will also bring about a considerable amount of reduction in the energy bills. The energy saved can be used for more productive works as a result there will be more production and better employment opportunities. So try to embrace this positive approach by preventing energy wastage. The saved energy can be thus used for a more productive purpose.