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Air Temp service co. is an HVAC service company relentlessly working to meet the high demand for quality and dependable air conditioning, central AC and other HVAC system installations, repairs, replacements and maintenance services in Butler NJ. Our group of highly skilled HVAC technicians offers first class services which includes; Air conditioning and central AC repairs installations, estimations and maintenance services, furnace and boiler installations, heating and boiler repair solutions all over New Jersey. We are here for you in Butler NJ to meet your HVAC solution expectations. So are you wondering and yet to decide on engaging an Heat, ventilation and air conditioning  service or perhaps you’ve already engage a substandard HVAC companies and ended up disappointed in the past?  Then your best bet in Butler NJ right now is Air Temp service co. click here for more information on our various HVAC services.

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Why Air Temp’s air conditioning and central AC services is the best for you in Butler NJ.

Mostly it takes a lot of resources to install and even replace air conditioning, central AC or even any other HVAC system. This has always left homeowners and commercial businesses in Butler NJ with curiosity like “can i just replace my air conditioning or central AC’s outdoor unit only, so that I can save some cash and leave the indoor unit? Besides it’s not as if it’s really faulty.” But do you know that partial replacement of heat, ventilation and air conditioning system like this might in due course reduce the efficiency of such HVAC system by more than 15%?  And also those partial replacements of heat, ventilation and air conditioning system’s units might eventually led to a faster failure of such HVAC system and even render its manufacturer’s warranty null and void? At Air Temp, we offer you the best Quality air conditioning, central AC and even other HVAC systems for sales, installations, repairs and proper maintenances at affordable prices in Butler NJ. For more information about our high efficiency heating and cooling system sales and services in Butler NJ

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Special offers on our HVAC services for our customers in Butler NJ.

Air Temp’s air conditioning, central AC and other HVAC service comes with special offers in Butler NJ. One of these unique offers is service priority for our customers, which mean that we put the needs of our loyal customers first. This is our way of showing loyalty to you as you have to us. Also we offer service discount on sales and services of highly efficient heating and cooling systems to our loyal customers in Butler NJ. There are other special offers you stand a chance to enjoy when you make our high quality Heat, ventilation and air conditioning services your first choice. For more information on special offers of our HVAC services in Butler NJ click here. Terms and conditions apply.

Rapid response to emergency calls in Butler NJ 24/7.

Air Temp’s team of experts and dependable Technicians seasoned with several years of various HVAC services experience are here in Butler NJ for fast response to deal with any emergency air conditioning, central AC and other HVAC systems issues any time of the day.  So are you a house owner or an entrepreneur wondering on engaging a dependable and reliable heat, ventilation and air conditioning services in Butler NJ? You can start making wise HVAC solution choices for emergency HVAC services in Butler NJ by clicking the link below right now.


  • The borough of Butler is situated in the Bergen county of New Jersey, United States. The borough’s population is over 7000 with average annual household income of over $75,000, ranking 35th of the 39 municipalities of Bergen County in New Jersey, United State. There is currently a high demand for quality Heat, ventilation, and air conditioning services due to prolonged season of heat and sunshine in the borough and Air Temp service co. is currently meeting this demands by offering high quality air conditioning, central AC and other HVAC services and meeting customers’ expectations in Butler NJ.
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