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Morris County is an absolutely beautiful place to live and worth, with so much history and beauty to explore. There are lots of reasons to get outside here, which is probably why it’s one of New Jersey’s healthiest counties. Some of our oldest and most loyal customers live in this county.

If you’ve just moved into the area we want to ensure you have the information you need to properly manage your heating and cooling needs. That’s why we’ve taken the time to offer up the information below. 

Weather in Morris County, NJ

There are some areas of the country where some people can get away with opening the windows in the summer or putting on a sweater in winter. Morris County isn’t one of them.

Instead, we get all four seasons with a wide variety of temperature extremes. The average high in July is about 83 degrees, which is too hot for most to do without an AC. Lows plunge all the way to 18 degrees in January. A heater outage is absolutely an emergency in the coldest winter months.

Fortunately, we provide 24/7 emergency service. Just call us to get your heat back on quickly, efficiently, and safely!  

We also have a variety of solutions to make warming your home much more affordable throughout the long winter months. 

Air Quality in Morris County, NJ

Morris County struggles with its air quality. The American Lung Association gave it a grade of “F” when evaluating air quality in counties across the state. That’s a problem for people with severe allergies or respiratory conditions, since air quality tends to be 2 to 5 times worse inside.

We’ve got solutions that can help you breathe easy. Our team can install air purifiers and filters that turn your indoor air quality crystal clear, allowing you to live and work symptom free. It’s a must-have in a county where pollution and pollen are the norms.

We’re here for you, Morris County 

Service, maintenance, repair, and replacement: we do it all. We also offer regular specials to make your HVAC needs more affordable, and work hard to help all of our customers to take advantage of both state and federal rebates where appropriate. We’re here to keep your family safe from temperature and air quality extremes while ensuring top notch comfort. 

To get started, call (800) 969-1232 now. 

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