Mitsubishi Ductless AC Installation in Pine Brook, NJ: Traditional AC vs. Ductless AC

You may be on the fence about whether to install a traditional air conditioner or a Mitsubishi Electric Ductless AC for your home or business. Below we compare each and break down the comparisons into the main categories. If you have any further questions, contact Air Temp today.

Ductless AC Systems

Purchase and Installation Costs

A ductless system will usually be more expensive than a central air conditioning system with the same capacity. However, if you need to replace your ductwork or your home doesn’t have existing ductwork, you should expect to pay about twice as much money for a central air conditioning system as for a ductless system with the same capacity.

Installation Process

Air Temp contractors usually require two to three days to install a central air conditioning system depending on which components we have to install. If you don’t already have ductwork, the process could take longer. Mitsubishi Electric Ductless units, however, can be installed in just a few hours or in about a day depending on your setup.

Ductless AC Systems

Energy Efficiency

With a central air conditioning system, cool air has to travel through your air ducts to reach the rooms in your home. Along the way, a lot of it seeps out in unconditioned parts of your home. This forces your system to work harder, wasting energy. A ductless system is more efficient, which means that it can cool your home faster.
Most ductless air conditioning systems have fans that can change their speed based on conditions inside and outside your home. These fans are also called variable-speed air handlers.

Ductless AC Systems

Air Quality

Indoor pollutants, including dust, dust mites, pollen, mold, bacteria, and even pest droppings, can accumulate inside the ductwork in your central heating and cooling system. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, these pollutants will eventually spread around your home through leaks in ductwork and lower your indoor air quality. Family members could experience flu-like symptoms, skin irritation, worsening asthma, or other problems. Children, elderly people, and people with respiratory or other health conditions are the most vulnerable.


With a ductless air conditioning system, you won’t have to spend time inspecting your ductwork for problems. You also won’t have to pay for duct maintenance like sealing leaks, cleaning ductwork, or adding insulation. No matter which type of system you choose, you’ll still need to perform some routine maintenance tasks.

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About Pine Brook, New Jersey

Ductless AC Systems
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Pine Brook is located along a road that connects the port city of Newark with the farms, foundries & mines of western New Jersey. As part of a large farming community, Pine Brook produced dairy products in addition to fruits and vegetables.

The city is also known for its racing history. The Pine Brook Speedway, which operated from July 1962 until October 1989, was designed for midget car racing and became one of the earliest sites for microstock racing. Mario Andretti raced at the track and had some of his earliest success as a race car driver at the Speedway.

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